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Diana Salazar is recognized with an anti-corruption award from the US Department of State.

The State Attorney General Diana Salazar It has been recognized by the United States Department of State. This entity granted him the International Anti-Corruption Champions Award, along with other officials around the world.

This was reported on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, by a publication on the website of this entity, which responds to the administration of the recently inaugurated president Joe Biden.

“The Attorney General of Ecuador prosecuted some of the most notorious corruption cases and improved the anti-corruption atmosphere in Ecuador. She served as a hero to judges, lawyers, and prosecutors throughout South America. Salazar’s courageous actions in addressing these cases have made immense contributions to the transparency and the rule of law in Ecuador “.

“The administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has recognized Diana Salazar, Attorney General, among the figures that stand out worldwide for his efforts in the fight against corruption. What pride for Ecuador! We are on the right track , we must continue, “wrote the president Lenin Moreno on his Twitter account, citing a tweet from the State Department.

The document cites a United Nations study that claims that around USD 1 trillion is paid in bribes, each year, on a global scale. In many developing countries, this represents 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). “The corruption it is an international problem that requires an international solution “, says the diplomatic entity.

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The Biden Administration Anti-Corruption Awards came from the Secretary of State’s idea Antony J. Blinken. They seek to recognize “individuals who have demonstrated leadership, courage, and impact in preventing, exposing, and fighting corruption.”

Other characters recognized with this award

Ardian Halls, judge and member of the Council of Justice proposing a judicial reform in Albania

Sophia Pretrick, Investigative Advisor for the Investigation Division of the State Auditor of the Federated States of Micronesia

Juan Francisco Sandoval Alfaro, head of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala

Ibrahima Kalil Gueye, co-founder of the organization Cambio Positivo de Guinea, an NGO focused on good governance, peace and education

Anjali Bhardwaj, active member for more than two decades of the Right to Information Movement in India

Dhuha A. Mohammed,
Director of Electronic Payments of the Centrald Bank and Iraq, which has prevented labor fraud by creating a transparent payment system for the country

Bolot Temirov, a journalist and editor-in-chief of an organization in the Kyrgyz Republic

Mustafa Abdullah with the Word, in charge of the Libyan National Petroleum Corporation, who has been able to keep the oil infrastructure free from the usufruct of internal and external groups that take advantage of the armed conflict

Victor Below, Mayor of Pasig City in the Philippines

Francis Ben Kaifala, Director of the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission

Ruslan Ryaboshapka
, who pioneered the restructuring of the prosecution system in Ukraine


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