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F1: Aston Martin, at a crossroads with Vettel: They can’t test him

In a year characterized by certain Formula 1 teams doing a preseason before the preseason itself, it is surprising that certain structures remain on the sidelines. So while Ferrari, Alpine or AlphaTauri are giving kilometers to their pilots with out-of-regulation single-seaters, other teams, some wealthy, still do not move.

No kilometers for Vettel

One could hope that with just a day and a half of testing per driver before starting the season, at Haas they were rushing to give their two rookie drivers kilometers, at McLaren the same with Daniel Ricciardo, and at Aston Martín, with Sebastian Vettel. . And the reason why it doesn’t is the same in all three cases.

The problem lies in the type of contract that the teams sign with their engine suppliers. In the case of McLaren it is a problem that they have already dragged in previous years, when they could not use the previous vehicles as they did not have Honda power units, and in this 2021, history repeats itself, as they no longer have ties with Renault, the supplier for the last three years.

Haas has not even been able to start its engines of the 2021 car as Ferrari personnel cannot travel to the Banbury factory, Haas headquarters. And in the case of Aston Martin, eager to give Vettel kilometers to adapt as soon as possible to Mercedes power units, the team does not keep any power units, since the agreement is for rent.

Rental contracts

This is how Szafnauer explains it; “We rent the engines and the gearboxes, we don’t buy them. They do not belong to us and we have to return them at the end of the season. That’s why we don’t have any operational vehicle for Vettel to hit the track. “, Explained prepare amuse.

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It is therefore neither the budget nor the COVID restrictions that prevent Sebastian Vettel from becoming familiar with one of these vehicles before the start of the season, but the fact that Aston Martin, formerly Racing Point, does not keep any of its vehicles operational once the season is over.

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