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Fernando Alonso admits that he returns better than ever to Formula 1

While Carlos Sainz got on board a Ferrari for the first time, Fernando Alonso answered true or false to the questions of his followers on Instagram. As is usual in the Asturian, he has made important headlines. And it is that, according to the Spanish pilot, come back better than ever and with the intention of staying a long time in Formula 1 even though he has signed with Alpine until 2022.

However, despite the illusion that his return has generated, the pilot of 39 years He assured that he has no option of winning the first race despite the fact that it will be held in Bahrain, which is next to Malaysia Y Hockenheim, the circuit in which he has won the most times, adding a total of three wins. Fernando Alonso He has taken the opportunity to clarify that he has not missed Formula 1 during the two years that he has been away and that driving Formula 1 is not the most exciting thing he has done.

Fernando Alonso will return to the Dakar

Regarding one of the best kept secrets, what his new helmet will be like, the Spaniard has assured that it will be very similar to the one he wore in 2005 and 2006, years in which he was proclaimed Formula 1 world champion. On the other hand, Fernando Alonso has confirmed that he enjoyed during the time he was in Ferrari, where he was runner-up three times; and also that he plans to return to Dakar.

Alonso has debunked some myths that circulate about him. For example, you failed your driving test. Also that as a child I wanted to race on motorcycles rather than by car. What the Oviedo has confirmed is that he was scared when he got on Marc Márquez’s motorcycle in Japan. Also that Pedro Martínez de la Rosa slows them down in kart racing. On the other hand he has denied that Jesus Calleja be stronger than him.

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The funniest Fernando Alonso has assured that he is human and that his neck is a “nut opener”. The Spaniard has admitted that his favorite team is the Real Madrid, who does not play tennis well, who prefers the heat, who does not like mint ice cream, who was good at school and also a sleepyhead. Of course, you said that your road car is Alpine.

Kimoa will sponsor a cycling team

About your other businesses, Fernando Alonso has declared that Raw, the energy drink in which he has invested and that will accompany him during his journey in Formula 1 is his drink of choice. Also that Kimoa, his clothing brand, will sponsor a cycling team. In regards to his Museum, he will carry the Toyota of the Dakar this year and that they do not give him these cars.

Alonso wants to be a father

By last, Fernando Alonso He has affirmed that he will have children, so it will be necessary to see how his partner, Linda Morselli, takes his words. Such seeing you can see his reaction in the second season that the Asturian has revealed what will be of his documentary.


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