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Futurama, Lost, Alien and more cinema and adult series in 4K and HDR

Disney promised that its new adult content brand, Star, would be incorporated into its Disney + platform on February 23, 2021, and it has delivered. Star is now available within Disney + with no cost increase (for now) and it is now possible to access its catalog. A catalog in which we find mythical series such as Futurama or Perdidos whose content intended for an older audience was outside the spectrum that Disney focused on Disney + from the first moment.

In Star we can set parental controls, so that it is established which users of our Disney + account can access which content based on their different age ranges. Star automatically sets the age limit of 14 years at the start and we will have to enter the password to activate the restrictions in each of the profiles.

A more adult catalog with age restrictions

As we said, Disney + expands its repertoire in one go by incorporating Star, which will house the content of 20th Century Fox and other Disney-owned production companies that had no place on its platform until now. We receive titles like Futurama or Lost in series, and also mythical sagas with ‘Die Hard’ or ‘Alien’ in the movies section. By the way, there is also Deadpool.

The contents that arrive at Disney + through Star normally land with FullHD quality but also we will find others in 4K UHD HDR, distinguishable by a badge placed on the content file itself. On specific occasions, we will also have Dolby Vision and even HRD10, ready for compatible mobile phones or televisions.

Thus, we can now enjoy Star, the new content coming to Disney +. Initially, the arrival of Star it will not imply a price increase for the users of the platform since an extra year can be renewed at the current price. New customers, of course, will already have to pay the new amount: 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros for a full year.


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