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Gordon Murray launches the T.50s Niki Lauda to honor three-time Formula 1 champion

February 22, 2021 72 years after birth by Niki Lauda, three times World Champion and disappeared two years ago. The Austrian left great friends and some of them wanted to pay their own tribute. Gordon Murray, the car designer has been one of them and surely one of the most liked in his particular tribute to the former advisor to the dominating Formula 1 team, Mercedes-AMG.

Has been through the creation of a special series dedicated to Lauda de su T.50, the sports car that has been dubbed the successor to the McLaren F1. Both shared a stage in Brabham, so it shows that creating a T.50s Niki Lauda edition has been something that Gordon Murray himself has been working on since the death of the former driver, something that, for example, McLaren Automotive also did with the creation of the McLaren Senna.

Ts50 Niki Lauda | Gordon Murray

Each of the 25 units to be manufactured The T.50s will not only have aesthetic touches. While the 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine developed by Cosworth has been retained, the rest have been fine-tuned and improved to create the first circuit-specific car built on the basis of the T.50. “Hundreds of different details”. This is how Gordon himself summarized the differences between one version and the other, pointing out, according to official data, that the weight of the set has been lowered by 128 kilograms to 852 kg.

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How has this weight reduction been achieved? The manufacturer has confirmed that it has disposed of everything expendable, starting with the air conditioning or audio system, in addition to eliminating the variable timing equipment of the engine’s valves (something that allowed it to reduce more than 20 kg), the introduction of a lighter gearbox and the ‘slim down’ the body material.

T50s Niki Lauda | Gordon Murray

Although the propeller has not changed, it has been possible to extract a little more power from it, going from the 650 hp that the version delivers ‘conventional’, to the 700 hp that is announced in the T.50s Niki Lauda, ​​which will become 725 hp when the vehicle is traveling at high speed thanks to the RAM effect produced in the air intake to the engine. Although its creator still relies on the 40 cm fan on the rear, which generates enough load due to the suction effect when it rotates at 7,000 rpm, this version of Trackday will also feature a new rear spoiler and new aerodynamic elements, which could produce up to 1,500 downforce when traveling at high speed.

“I really wanted to avoid what happened to the McLaren F1 GTR”Murray acknowledged. “The track versions of that car were adapted after we made the road car. This time, we designed the two versions more or less in parallel, starting with the T.50 in July 2019. So the monocoque is different, the engine is different and there is a new gearbox with cams “.

T50s Niki Lauda | Gordon Murray

Production of the T.50s Niki Lauda is expected to begin in January 2023 and the first units will reach buyers later that year. Each of these 25 vehicles created will be associated with the place and year in which Lauda achieved each of the 25 victories he achieved in Formula 1, starting with Kyalami 1974 and ending with Zanvoort 1985, which will not only give the name to each of the chassis, but will also be accompanied by a special book that includes what happened in their respective race.

Its price will be around 3.6 million euros before taxes. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, although it was not developed as a competition vehicle according to regulations, Gordon appears to have been in contact with Stefan Ratel, so We could be before the first model of the new batch of GT1.

T50s Niki Lauda | Gordon Murray


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