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Hiram Pawn: The closing of the trade

Hiram Peón Lara.

Hiram Peón Lara.Source: Courtesy

During the last six Sundays the Nuevo Leon trade has been closed. Not only shopping malls but also convenience store chains such as OXXOs and SuperSiete.

The decision to keep the trade closed, unilaterally, was taken by the health authority, in this case Dr. De la O.

It seems that this measure has a political sense and the federal mandate to drown the Monterrey business community is being obeyed.

We understand the political, autocratic and dogmatic intentions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He has explained it in many ways hundreds of times: he has no no interest in strengthening and promoting the Mexican business community. His campaign of social divisiveness has only one purpose: to build an electoral base that guarantees him a political majority in Congress and to secure popularly elected posts for his Morena movement.

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His arrogance has reached such a level that he does not care that the way he is exchanging vaccines for votes is visible to all.

It is not easy to understand all the scaffolding that López Obrador is putting together to ensure his electoral victory. What is simply encrypted is to understand what the strategy of the state health authorities is.

Is it a political issue? Who benefits, politically speaking, keeping businesses closed for six weeks. There does not seem to be a benefit for the parties, the candidates or the authorities.

Is it a health issue? Nor is it understood. It is a fact that most of the infections happen in family social gatherings and in the overcrowding caused in the transport system.

In the case of transportation, the schedule and number of trucks that circulate depends entirely on the regulating authority. Carriers have been allowed to use fewer trucks and always be full. The metropolitan system is also in the realm of authority. Everything is an inexpensive convenience.

Is it a humanitarian issue? Closing all businesses on Sundays has nothing to do with humanitarian intent. It is even the opposite. Forbidding people over 60 years of age from entering a shopping center or a park or a clubhouse is an attack on human rights. It is an act of discrimination and a constitutional violation.

So it is totally incomprehensible. How are they making decisions? What are they based on to keep shops closed on Sundays, why criminalize people because of their age to restrict their freedom to circulate?

If it is difficult for you to understand AMLO, in the case of the health authorities of Nuevo León, trying to understand how they make their decisions, it is simply encrypted. Either they are ignorant or they are incompetent.

Let’s keep hope. Until next time.

The author is an expert in corporate communication and crisis situations. He has an MBA from ITESM.

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