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“I wanted to show them before they drop me”

Susi Caramelo caused a sensation during her visit to ‘El hormiguero’ on February 22. The presenter visited Pablo Motos to promote the program she has produced for Movistar +. However, if the reporter stands out for something, it is because of her sense of humor and the bizarre anecdotes she shared with the presenter and the audience of Antena 3. From a « forgotten girdle » in an actor’s house, to a « golden shower of plumbers », to breastfeeding a cat for four days: « My maternal instinct flourished, » said the comedian.

Pablo Motos and Susi Caramelo in ‘El hormiguero’

The presenter recalled a viral video of the comic where she took out her breasts on the red carpet at the Goya Awards when she was a reporter in ‘Las que missing’ by Movistar + when she saw the necklines of all the actresses who were at the event:  » That’s where it all started, « said Caramelo. « If I knew that removing my boobs was going to make me so famous I would have taught them before »the guest joked.

« The stars lined up at that time. I was at a photocall that I didn’t know anything about, I saw everyone with necklines with their boobs out and I took them off. I also wanted to show them before I drop them« Caramelo explained during her first interview on the program. Despite the grace of the moment, the reporter is clear that she does not want to attribute all her success to what happened at that time: »I do not want to summarize my career in that because I have worked a lot« , assured the presenter.

Susi Caramelo explains what “Pibonexia” is

As Susi Caramelo said, she has worked a lot since her viral video and another of her great successes is the term « Pibonexia ». Pablo Motos wanted to know first-hand what its meaning was: « I think I’m fucking good all the time. I know I’m not a babe, but I feel like a babe all the time« said the reporter. The comedian explained that although it does not conform to the canons established by society, she believes that she is » better than a Victoria’s Secret model. « As if that were not enough, Caramelo assured that the term was being extended and asked the RAE to add it to the dictionary.

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