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Los Angeles Lakers. 5 curious facts that not everyone knows.

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California, United States / 02.23.2021 19:07:10

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team is known for being one of the most popular in the entire NBA. Forbes magazine also listed him as one of the most financially valuable. Being one of the leaders of the league for years, he has won many fans, but here we have 5 facts that not all of them know:

1. The Lakers weren’t born in Los Angeles

Many believe that the team name is a derivative of the English pronunciation of LA (the ei), but they are wrong. Actually got it from the city that gave rise to it: Minneapolis. This town in the state of Minnesota is known as « the land of 10,000 lakes » and the word lakes in English is lakes (pronounced leiks), which is why the franchise was called Lakers.

2. The Celtics are their main rival

The Boston Celtics have always been one of the Lakers’ most important adversaries. It is rumored that Their rivalry began in 1959 when they faced each other for the NBA title in the playoffs. In total they have met in the important match 12 times.

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Although one is from the east coast and one is from the west coast, they tend to hold a very even number of championships.

3. Had the greatest scorer in NBA history

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar was one of the Lakers’ best players. He scored 38,387 points throughout his 20-year career with the team, from 1969 to 1989. Today he continues to be the owner of the title of greatest scorer in NBA history.

Bonus: The third-highest scorer in NBA history was also a Lakers player. Is Lebron James with 35 thousand 67 points.

4. Has had the longest winning streak in history

He holds the record for the longest winning streak in NBA history. In the 1971-1972 season he won 33 consecutive games.

5. The NBA has retired the numbers of 10 of its players

Only the best NBA players they have the opportunity to withdraw their numbers from their team roster upon leaving their careers. The Lakers they have retired 11 issues with the departure of 10 exemplary members:

8 and 24 – Kobe Byant 13 – Wilt Chamberlain22 – Elgin Baylor25 – Gail Goodrich32 – Magic Johnson33 – Kareem Abdul-Jabar3. 4 – Shaquille O’Neal42 – James Worthy44 – Jerry West52 – Jamaal Wilkes



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