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Modern Warfare 2 content leaked for Call of Duty: Warzone

As is customary, Call of Duty: Warzone has been the victim of another massive leak that reveals all the content we can expect from the battle royale in the future. This time we have very good news for fans of Modern Warfare 2, since we will have new weapons and operators related to this second installment of the saga.

Dataminers they managed to find references to John “Soap” MacTavish within the game files, suggesting that the popular character from Modern Warfare will debut as Operator in Warzone, although of course, that’s not all. Kevin Sparks, another character from MW2, will also join the battle royale.

As for weapons, the arrival of a pistol called Sykov, an assault rifle called CX-9 and a light machine gun named Raal MG, which has never been seen in the franchise before. Unfortunately, we have no date for when all this new content will arrive.

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Via: ComicBook

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