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pregnant women transmit antibodies against Covid-19 to babies

An investigation proves that women can transmit antibodies against the Coronavirus Covid-19 to their babies, providing immunity.

In the global pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19 exist nations they are doing their job of vaccine distribution better than others.

At the same time that the scientific and medical community tries to understand the entire spectrum of health areas in which the SARS-CoV-2.

Within this field, there has always been great doubt and uncertainty about how this Coronavirus affects women pregnant women. But today we have great news.

Confirmed immunity to babies

A scientific investigation carried out by Weill Cornell Medicine and the NewYork-Presbyterian of the United States has just been published in the scientific journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

There, it has been proven that pregnant women have the ability to transmit their antibodies generated against Covid-19 to their pregnant babies. Which opens up more important possibilities:

Given that we can now say that the antibodies that pregnant women make against COVID-19 have been shown to be transmitted to their babies, we suspect that it is highly likely that the antibodies that the body makes after being vaccinated can also be transmitted.

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This is what highlights the leader of the investigation, Dr. Yawei Jenny Yang. And to arrive at this finding, the team analyzed blood samples from 88 women who gave birth at NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medical Center between March and May 2020.

There they found that all of them had antibodies, with a greater presence of them in the patients who did present symptoms.

Almost 60% of the study participants were asymptomatic. But they still had antibodies in their blood.

Thus, at the birth of their babies, the presence of these defenses could be detected in the umbilical cord blood of 78% of newborns.


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