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Scientists claim to be close to discovering a portal to the fifth dimension

For: Alberto Milo

We have well heard many times that reality surpasses fiction, and if at some point we have doubted that the thing is so interesting, as this saying presumes, science always comes to remind us that, in fact, the first is the mother of the second.

It turns out that thanks to the research of some Spanish and German scientists – published in The European Physical Journal C – the theory was reached that a particle could go from our visible universe to dark matter, and it is, in this way, where in some point would be going through the fifth dimension. Part of the curious thing was that this work did not aim to explore these possibilities, but rather its main reason, according to its authors, was to study the origin of the mass of fermions (one of the basic types of particles).

Let us remember that the first three dimensions are spatial – width, height and depth – while the fourth is the one referring to time. According to what these researchers have exposed, the fifth would be out of reach of human vision but in total possibility of being space for the movement of particles.

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The progress involved in a discovery of this type would not be limited to clarifying the properties of the still speculated fifth dimension, – as if this were not enough – since the scientists responsible for this research have declared that progress would come for particle physics and also to reveal the mystery of dark matter.

We still don’t have to get anxious. It happens that this particle is still in the “we will see” phase; it’s just a strong guess. Of course, the natural step to take, now, would be to verify its existence. Unfortunately, until now, there is no technology necessary for this task, that is, a collider capable of working with the mass that this particle is thought to have.

It will be necessary to see where the advances related to this go. They have the potential to bring light into an area jealously reserved by our universe.


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