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SEO Head: Dollar Price February 23

When starting operations the price of dollar today Tuesday It is up to 21.16 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange rate stands at 20.66 pesos per dollar, with a gain of 0.22 percent.

Citibanamex sells the dollar at 21.16 pesos per dollar, while Banorte sell the dollar at 21.00, BBVA Mexico at 20.92, Santander at 20.74 and Azteca Bank in 20.56 units.

The weight It was trading slightly higher after a streak of six declines that took it to its weakest level since the beginning of November, while the market is closely following the discussion in Congress of a controversial draft bill at the local level. electrical reform.

How is the exchange rate going?

Banco Base explained in a report that the peso ranks as the second most appreciated currency in the foreign exchange market, although this is the result of a correction to the sharp decline in the previous six sessions, something that was expected. Among the main crosses of the dollar, a mixed performance is observed, with the weighted index of the US dollar advancing moderately with 0.05 percent.

“Losses continue to be observed in the capital market, with the main European indices falling on average 0.58 percent, while in the United States the future market shows that there could be falls in the opening, mainly in issuers of the technology sector, with the Nasdaq registering a 1.51 percent decline. This indicates that the market continues to speculate that the economy will recover at an accelerated rate, which could lead to inflationary pressures and a less flexible stance on the part of the Federal Reserve, ”he said.

He stated that the market expects Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to present the central bank’s semi-annual report and testimony before the Banking Committee in the Senate. It is likely to reiterate the Federal Reserve’s broadly flexible stance and the absence of inflationary risks in the near term.

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In the session, the performance of the exchange rate will depend on the market’s reaction to Powell’s comments. In subsequent sessions, there are still upward risks for the exchange rate, as the main determinants of the depreciation of the peso are internal.

He stressed that in Mexico, today the reform of the Electricity Industry Law will be voted in the Chamber of Deputies, which aims to give priority to the state over individuals in the sector, which could have negative effects due to increases in tariffs for consumers and pressures on public finances. It should be remembered that the reform was approved in commissions last Friday, February 19.

During the session, the exchange rate is expected to trade between 20.62 and 20.85 pesos per dollar.

Dollar in real time

The euro It is sold at the window for a maximum of 25.60 pesos and is bought for 25.12 pesos. For its part, pound sterling It is offered at 29.10 pesos and is purchased at 29.09 pesos.

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered the previous session an exchange rate of 20.67 pesos per dollar.

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