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Sony confirms a new VR kit for PS5, but it won’t arrive in 2021

We had been seeing information for a long time that pointed to a new virtual reality kit for PS5, and Sony, finally, has confirmed it. The Japanese company has said that it is working on such a kit, and that they hope to be able to offer important technical improvements that will greatly enhance the immersion and realism that players will experience.

As you may have imagined, the new virtual reality kit for PS5 will offer a higher screen resolution, a wider field of view and will bring ergonomic changes. Other important aspects, such as the refresh rate, for example, have not transpired, but it is most likely that it will be between 90 Hz and 120 Hz.

Regarding the resolution of that new virtual reality kit for PS5, Sony has not dared to venture anything yet, but we can take as a reference the resolution of the PS4 virtual reality kit, which worked at 960 x 1,080 pixels in each eye, which leaves us a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. With that data on the table, it is reasonable to think that the virtual reality kit for PS5 should work, at least, at a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

VR kit for PS5 in development

This is the virtual reality kit for PS4

The virtual reality kit for PS5 will come with a new controller

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That has been, without a doubt, one of the most interesting news that Sony has confirmed. To get the most out of the new virtual reality kit, will use a new joystick which will be based on the DualSense, in fact it will include most of the exclusive features of that one, although it will have a different design and offer improved ergonomics.

All of that, coupled with the increased power of the PS5 and increased screen resolution, should translate into a more “premium” virtual reality experience and much more interesting than the one we saw on PS4. I had a chance to try it out at the time, and I only came to like the approach, and the result, of Resident Evil 7.

There is no doubt that everything we have said sounds good, although it is better not to get carried away by the “hype” and wait to see what this new PS5 virtual reality kit is really capable of offering. I know what you’re thinking, and how long will we have to wait? Well, quite a lot, the truth, since the Japanese company has also confirmed that it still has work ahead, and that this new virtual reality kit it will not arrive in 2021. Will we see it in 2022? Who knows, but it is a possibility that we cannot rule out.

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