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Stan Lee’s easter egg revealed in the latest chapter of WandaVision

There is no doubt that WandaVision It is one of the most popular series of the moment. Fans of Marvel and its cinematographic universe have been amazed by the new project of Disney+, which is still hiding quite a few secrets, but as always, the community has already begun to decipher some of them.

The most recent chapter in the series, which at the time of writing this note is number seven, has a curious easter egg of the deceased Stan Lee, that only the writer’s most dedicated fans noticed. It happens that in this episode we can see the license plates of the vehicle he drives Wanda, and this is where the saying hides easter egg.


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Have you already realized what it is? The number 122822 is actually a date, which translates to December 28, 1922, same day he was born Stan Lee.

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