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The new fashion of buying and selling video highlights has escaped: Record amount for LeBron nailing from 2019

2021-02-23T22: 29: 31 + 00: 00

2021-02-23T22: 29: 31 + 00: 00.

John Rammas

23/Feb/21 22:29


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John Rammas

For the record amount of $ 208,000, a poster nailed by LeBron James to Nemanja Bielica from 2019 was sold through “NBA Top Shot”.

By Giannis Rammas / [email protected]

Is new fashion on the internet about the NBA: Purchase of official video highlights at high prices in the hope of selling them at higher prices. Yes, videos that can be viewed on free platforms, due to the intellectual permission of the league and the locked information they have are considered separately and are a collectible product on the internet.

The whole scenario is called “NBA Top Shot” and is spreading fast for all those who have the financial comfort to deal with it expensive sports. How expensive?

The “NBA Top Shot” trading platform has 40,000+ members and the turnover has exceeded $ 200,000,000.

A poster nailing of LeBron James of the Lakers to Nemanja Bielitsa of the Kings from November 15, 2019 just sold for a record $ 208,000.

See it for free:

Photo credit: Getty Images

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