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These are the courses that LinkedIn will have free until March 31

You don’t need to be connected to LinkedIn to take the courses.

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals that today is giving away several free courses that may interest you

Improving your professional profile will always be an excellent idea, especially when you have the possibility to do it for free.

LinkedIn currently has a list of courses that are related to the jobs that have the highest number of openings within the platform.

Every day people are hiring through LinkedIn, and if you are an active user of the social network, then you should take a look at the courses that the platform is offering.

Free courses available on LinkedIn

If you are interested in learning a new skill that will help expand your knowledge and improve your professional profile, it is best to take advantage of some of the free courses on LinkedIn before the deadline.

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The list of courses is closely related to the fields that not only account for the largest number of vacancies, but also those areas that in recent years have been increasing at a stable rate, according to the same platform.

You will have to take advantage of any of the courses before March 31st.

List of courses available on LinkedIn until March 31

The courses are taken through LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn and in total there are 10 courses that are available.

Software developer
Project manager
IT Administrator
Customer Service Specialist
Digital Marketing Expert
Technical Support Specialist
Data analyst
Financial analyst
Graphic designer

You do not have to have a LinkedIn account or a Microsoft account to take the courses, but to obtain a certificate of completion you will have to log in to the platform.


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