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They discover that Phil Spencer has a statue of Kojima Productions and speculation sparks

As head of Xbox, Phil Spencer he is constantly appearing in all kinds of interviews and special reports. It is well known that the executive likes to hide certain references to future company disclosures on his desk, as happened with the Xbox Series S prior to its official announcement.

The latest track from Spencer has to do with a statue of Ludens, mascot of Kojima Productions, that we could see placed on his desk next to the logo of Xbox. Check it out yourself:

New Project (8)

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Of course, this sparked all kinds of speculation among fans, who believe that it will be a matter of time before Death Stranding be announced for Xbox. Others consider that the following draft of Kojima Productions It would also debut for Xbox consoles, and of course, there are also people who consider that we are all over-thinking it.

Remember that Death Stranding also debuted for PC last year and although Kojima Productions is an independent study, Sony was the one who financed the game, which is an important factor if they also plan to release it for Xbox.


Source: Twitter

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