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Top 9 Most Intimidating Squads in EuroLeague History

by Semih Tuna – Utkan Şahin / [email protected]

Barcelona, ​​the most successful transfer team of the summer 2019 in the EuroLeague, announced that it added Pau Gasol to its squad with its announcement yesterday (Tuesday, February 23).

An impeccable staff was established on paper.

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While we were discussing among ourselves, we tried to remember the previous great cadres.

Some were created through transfers created in a single summer, some grew together and became ‘scary’.

Eurohoops Bakery independent of the results of the teams size ‘on the paper’ brings the best 9 staff established.

Have a good read!

Children Bologna / 2001-02

Game host: Marko Jaric – Sani Becirovic – Davide Bonora

Şutör Guard: Manu Ginobili – Alessandro Abbio

Short Striker: Antonie Rigaudeu – Antonio Granger

Long Striker: Matjaz Smodis – David Anderson

Pivot: Rashard Griffith – Alessandro Frosini – Paolo Barlea

Coach: Ettore Messina

This staff of Virtus Bologna has always been and will continue to be in the discussions of the most glamorous staff in history.

How is it possible otherwise, can you look at this staff?

A star-studded squad under the direction of the best coaches in the history of the EuroLeague. Who are not there? Even Manu Ginobili, who is yet to go to the NBA and is not a star, alone makes this squad scary.

The most popular names of the period such as Matjas Smodis, Marko Jaric, Antonie Rigadeu and Rashard Griffith were also in this staff. David Andersen and Sani Becirovic, then younger, would shine a few years later.

Still, this frightening staff did not get the result they wanted. Bologna, which became champion in 2001, surrendered to Zeljko Obradovic’s Panathinaikos in 2002 at the Final Four held at home.


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