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Top Five Alternatives to iPhone Calendar App

Looking for a good alternative to the calendar app on your iPhone or iPad? Well we have dived in the App Store to find the five most recommended options. All of quality, with event synchronization, powerful and perfect to replace the standard app.

With the busy life we ​​lead, the usual thing is to reserve space in the head by delegating the task of remember everything we have pending, from birthdays to next weekend’s getaway. Therefore, it is logical that all smartphone manufacturers include their own calendar app, just like Apple does on iOS. Now this is no excuse to leave out other great calendar apps. Like the ones we propose.

Vantage Calendar

We begin our review with one of the most powerful and attractive applications in the entire App Store when it comes to calendar: Vantage. Free app with limited options that are unlocked with a subscription (3.49 euros) or by payment (34.99 euros), Vantage has a curious daily view that closely resembles the Star Wars credit titles: it offers a perspective with a higher vanishing point where the days they flow in a vertical scroll.

Beyond the curious daily view, Vantage offers compatibility with all calendars registered in iOS including notifications, pending tasks, quick view of the scheduled, a remarkable amount of customization options and even the possibility of adding stickers. All to make it much more difficult to miss an important appointment.



Moleskine is a company dedicated to paper notebooks and also to diaries in this type of material, but it is not restricted to the physical world as it has a multitude of mobile apps. What Timepage, a neat calendar application which offers easy access to all saved events.

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Timepage shows extreme minimalism to present an interface that is as clean as it is attractive. And no less powerful for that: the app is enough and there is plenty to bring everything pending to check so that nothing is left undone. Synchronization of multiple calendars, different views with immediate access to records, ephemeris and weather included in the events, smart alerts, Siri support and a host of other options. By contrast, Moleskine’s Timepage has a price: 1.99 euros per month; with a seven-day free trial.


Google Calendar

The Google calendar could not be missed at the party. Not only because it is an excellent alternative to the Apple calendar, but also because it is extremely complete, reliable and totally free. Maintains a Material Design aesthetic offering everything you need to not miss a single pending appointment.

Apart from accessing Google calendars, the app allows you to synchronize Apple calendars and add goals and reminders. The view is clean, minimalist and with graphic details based on Material Design aesthetic drawings. It does not offer excessive customization or options added to the calendars and events themselves, but it is not necessary either: Google Calendar is enough and more than enough to fully meet any need.

Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

A calendar manager as professional as Microsoft Outlook, a true reference for years, could not miss the appointment. However, it is not the most suitable app for those who only want to keep a record of everything that remains pending since includes many more tools, such as email.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to import all your calendars into a single application, including your email accounts. In this way it is possible to act in symbiosis: new events received by email can be added without problems to calendars, it is also possible share events and manage them collaboratively. With Outlook it is much easier to be aware of upcoming meetings, also collaborate with work teams that have access to calendars. In addition, it is a complete and free application; and compatible with Office 365 payment options.

Microsoft Outlook

Cozy Family Organizer

We abandon the more ‘professional’ alternatives to the iPhone calendar with an app aimed at family management. This does not mean that the Cozy Family Organizer falls short for those who have become used to managing their work tasks, but it does maintain a different orientation. For example, be the unique calendar of the family.

This Cozy calendar supports the management of shared tasks, offering all kinds of options with which to distribute events. Categorization, to-do lists for each member of the family, recipe record, menus and even family agenda. All this in a complete free application that is multiplatform; and that also offers extra options under an annual subscription of 29.99 euros per year for the whole family. In case you don’t need more than the basic app, Cozy Family Organizer includes ads between the records. And it is in English, another drawback.

Cozy Family Organizer


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