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Zelda: Link’s Awakening studio works on ‘elegant and medieval’ game

The adorable The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening of Nintendo Switch debut in Spain and around the world on September 20, allowing players to relive this adventure with a renewed artistic and technical section. The project came from the hand of the studio Raw, partners of Nintendo for years. Now this same development team is hiring personal for your new title: a new game described as “elegant and medieval”. We tell you everything that is known below.

Raw, study behind Link’s Awakening, prepare a new title

As stated in Nintendo Everything, the study Raw just posted job openings to grow your developer team: they are looking for a programmer and a designer. In addition, they indicate that they are working on a “medieval” and “elegant” game with an art direction that moves away from photorealism, although taking elements of reality and giving them a twist. The game using the developer tools Unity, VisualStudio, git, redmine y jenkins.

The new programmer work closely with the planning team, while having Unity experience with C #; that he like video games and that can do “great things” having gamer mentality. In turn, they point out that the designer working on the user interface (the HUD, in the menus and the like). At the moment, these are all the interesting data that we can extract from the new vacancies offered.

They prepare an elegant and medieval game

Raw was founded in 2006 by Koichi Ishii, a former Square Enix video game designer who has worked on the series Final Fantasy Y Secret of Mana. In addition to shaping the video game Ever Oasis, the company has worked on a total of five Zelda games, including Ocarina of Time 3D de 3DS, Majora’s Mask 3D, Four Swords Anniversary Edition Y Tri Force Heores, as well as the recent Link’s Awakening the Switch in 2019.

This February the saga The Legend of Zelda turns 35 years old, and Nintendo seems to be warming up to celebrate the saga’s birthday in style. Apparently, the Japanese firm will have registered the license for video games and downloadable content, as well as for other merchandising items.


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