Glue for false nails: beware of the risk of burns

Glue for false nails: beware of the risk of burns
Glue for false nails: beware of the risk of burns
The Covid-19 and the current craze for false nails have encouraged the use of cyanoacrylate glues at home. An act to be carried out with caution because if direct skin contact with this glue is generally not serious, its projection through clothing can cause serious burns.

In November 2020, poison control centers reported two serious cases of burns in young children: a 20-month-old girl burned on her left wrist through her cotton t-shirt and requiring a skin graft, and a small 2 year old girl with burns to her hand and forearm.

In question ? Cyanoacrylate glues for false nails. If the latter present no risk in the event of direct skin contact, on the other hand, the contact of this glue with fabric, especially cotton or wool, causes a chemical reaction resulting in an instantaneous release of very strong heat.

These glues for false nails are freely sold commercially and on the internet “, explains the National Health Security Agency (Anses).” But the risk mentions of burns, direct or indirect through a garment, are often unclear or even non-existent.. ”

To avoid this risk of burns, always keep these products out of the reach of children. And if glue is sprayed on a garment, immediately apply cold soapy water to the area where the glue is sprayed to limit the area and depth of the burn and consult a doctor.


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