, a new site that alerts you if a vaccine dose is available, a new site that alerts you if a vaccine dose is available, a new site that alerts you if a vaccine dose is available
Receive an alert as soon as a dose of covid vaccine is available near you. This is what the new site offers, developed by two specialists in “Big data” and “Machine Learning”, Martin Daniel and Mathieu Ripert, in collaboration with doctors Jad Choucair and Antoine Roux, pulmonologists at the Foch hospital in Suresnes.

To register, you will need to provide some information: your last name, first name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address. On March 31, the day after its launch, the site already had 2,600 subscribers.

“Facilitate the task” of vaccination centers

But how does it work ? The data you provide when registering is not used by the creators of the site. They are sent to the vaccination centers which decide – or not – to use the Covidlist.

A tool which therefore aims to “facilitate the task“vaccination centers. These centers”have access to the volunteers around them. When a vaccine dose is available, and you are eligible, you are notified“explains Martin Daniel on his Twitter account.

This eligibility will be directly verified by the vaccination centers, because no data “sensible“(co-morbidity or pregnancy for example) is not requested during registration.

Strengthen the efficiency of waiting lists

For the moment the offer is constrained and the manual waiting lists are functioning “ recognizes the co-creator of the project. But according to him, “as the rules open up waiting list tools will have to be more efficient “.

This will be the case in particular from April 16, when 60-70 year olds will be added to the list of people eligible for vaccination, then on May 15, for 50-60 year olds and mid-June for those under 50. years, as announced by Emmanuel Macron on March 31.

No wasted doses

And this site could be particularly useful for Pfizer vaccines, whose vials do not keep for more than six hours after they have been prepared and opened. If no appointment is scheduled while a vial is open, then the remaining doses are currently wasted.

Protected data?

Last point, which asks many users on Twitter: what happens to the personal data entered on the site? “By subscribing to Covidliste, you agree that your data will be shared with partner vaccination centers “ recalls Covidliste.

And the creators of the site ensure that the secure platform complies with the general data protection regulations (GDPR). But for those registered who change their mind, it is possible to request the deletion of the data by email, finally reassures Covidliste.

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