“Easy Endo”, the application that supports women with endometriosis

“Easy Endo”, the application that supports women with endometriosis
“Easy Endo”, the application that supports women with endometriosis
INTERVIEWIn France, one in ten women suffers from endometriosis. But in reality, this figure is undoubtedly higher, approaching one in seven women, because of “under-diagnoses”, explains on Europe 1 Dr. Marie Ceccarelli, general practitioner. Invited Thursday from Without an appointment, she returned to this disease manifested in particular by heavy periods and violent pain.

She also presented the “Easy Endo” application, of which she is co-creator. This tool, available on the internet, aims to support the women concerned on a daily basis. Because between the difficulty of being diagnosed and the consequences of this disease on daily and sometimes professional life, patients are often very isolated.

Precise information about the disease

The aim of the application is to help the women concerned to better understand their illnesses, with precise and verified information, where the internet can sometimes provide erroneous information. Among the six services offered, Easy Endo thus offers a “Good to know” service, which “provides medical information, and developed by a scientific committee of multidisciplinary experts”, explains Marie Ceccarelli.

On the menu: concrete information “on the disease; symptoms, additional examinations, treatments, on how to prepare for the consultation with your specialist, how to prepare for pregnancy, etc.”.

The site also includes a “What if” service, which “somewhat replaces emergency consultation”. Women will be able to find the answer to questions as frequent as: “What if I forgot my pill?”, “I am taking my treatment, but I still have pain, what to do?”, Etc. To do this, simply complete a questionnaire before receiving personalized responses.

A diary to show your doctor

But beyond this information and practical advice, Easy Endo offers users “a personalized environment”, including an agenda. This tool will allow “to record daily symptoms, the intensity of pain and bleeding, if you slept well, etc.”, assures Camille Ceccarelli. “You can have a graphical summary that allows you to show your doctor what has happened in recent months, it saves time.”

The application also has a forum, so that women can share their experience anonymously, “discuss their career paths, give each other advice,” says Marie Ceccarelli.

How much does it cost ?

The application is available on the internet on the site www.easyendo.fr. To register, all you have to do is enter your last name, first name and address. The first 15 days are free, then the subscription costs 5 euros per month. Note that for one year of subscription, the first two months are free.

Why is endometriosis underdiagnosed?

This delay in diagnosis is on average 7 years. But how to explain it? First of all, “there are women who don’t talk about their pain, who think it’s normal”, describes Marie Ceccarelli. As some of the women affected have developed a family form, sometimes “their mother told them: ‘you care about me, but it’s not necessarily a disease'”, she illustrates.

In addition, other women will consult their doctor, “but it does not lead immediately to a diagnosis, and there is a medical wandering”. In particular, “the lack of training of doctors, the lack of listening and recognition of pain”, explains the guest of Europe 1, for whom it is necessary “to better train doctors to question their patients on the level of their pain “. Because, she recalls, “when you stay in bed two or three days a month because of your period, it’s not normal”.

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