Top chef: which candidate was eliminated last night?

Top chef: which candidate was eliminated last night?
Top chef: which candidate was eliminated last night?

The ninth week of the Top Chef competition did not spare the candidates on Wednesday evening. After creating a menu – starter, main course, dessert – in just three bites and imagining a dish with an ecological message, three formidable candidates were sent as a last chance.

A last chance in the air of the small final before the hour when Pierre, Baptiste and Thomas, appearing among the favorites for the title of top chef 2021, clashed. They had an hour to sublimate the cabbage on the occasion of this test under high tension. But faced with Pierre, who made his comeback in competition last week and Baptiste, darling of Internet users with “sexy, tasty, funky” cuisine, Thomas was no match for it.

The Franco-American, who joined Hélène Darroze’s brigade last week after starting the competition in Michel Sarran’s team, finally bowed to his two strong opponents. His recipe for grilled Chinese cabbage, egg yolk and bacon was not up to the task to find a place in the rest of the competition.

The more so as Baptiste once again illustrated himself in this eliminatory event with a flat blow of heart, the second in last chance. If Thomas was not unworthy, he joined yesterday Chloe, Pauline, Adrien, Yohei, Jarvis and Mathieu, already eliminated.

Disappointed Internet users

A departure after nine weeks of competition that the candidate lived with his usual calm. “All the feedback I have had made me grow,” explained the young man whose career has been praised by Michel Sarran. Fairplay, Thomas then gave “with pleasure” his red cuffs to Arnaud, this week’s solitary candidate who thus rejoins a brigade.

An eviction that made the Top Chef community react, disappointed to see a gifted and “sincere” candidate leave that he saw going further. Throughout the competition, Thomas has regularly distinguished himself with creative dishes creating a real craze.

Once again, this last chance was badly lived by the fans of the show, very critical of the chefs for putting “the best” of the competition on the spot. Many of them have expressed their incomprehension. “But what do they have in mind to send the best as a last chance?” “Baptize, Peter and Thomas must not face each other in the final now” could be read among other comments last night on Twitter. They will be able to console themselves next week with a long-awaited event: The black box.

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