Young Buck announces that he was the one who wrote his texts

One more episode in their confrontation.

In the beef that pits 50 Cent against his former G-Unit sidekick for several years, anything goes. But Young Buck has taken over the past few days by explaining everything and its opposite to such an extent that Fifty has not even deigned to answer or so little, he however usually so quick to play troll and to have the pleasure of clashing. So he lets Buck discredit himself on his own. Because after telling that the clash between the two ex-friends was a plan matured for a long time, Young Buck has now explained that he was the one who wrote the texts for the boss of the G-Unit …

Young Buck would have been the ghostwriter of 50 Cent as he tells it in an episode of the Big Facts podcast for Revolt TV. Speaking to DJ Scream and Big Bank, Buck once again claimed that he wrote the lyrics for 50 Cent.

“I wrote the music for Fifty. I wrote full songs where you listen to Fifty rap my words. Word for word. He could have changed a few or a line here and there but he took it all back. Qhen you listen to the track “Too rich”, it all comes from my head. It’s a song I wrote entirely. “

This is not the first time that Young Buck has made such claims. In 2019 already, he had launched diss-tracks directed against 50 Cent in which he launched the same accusations.

“I did it because he liked the track so much that he felt like he needed it for himself. But I wasn’t paid for it. It’s like the album. “Can’t Lose” released on G-Unit. I haven’t seen a check, but G-Unit posted it anyway. “

Elsewhere in the interview, Young Buck returned to the clash between him and 50 Cent. For him, it is above all a joke: “Honestly, I don’t see the situation as a beef, it was really an assist”. We can believe it, or not …


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