Who killed Sara? : what we expect from season 2 of the Netflix series

In the space of a few days, the Mexican series “Who killed Sara?” has created an impressive buzz on Netflix. While the ending has intentionally left things hanging and a season 2 is already announced, let’s ask ourselves what to expect from this sequel.

Who killed Sara? : the Mexican phenomenon of Netflix

It was on March 24 that Netflix released the ten episodes of the first season of Who killed Sara?, a series from Mexico. With its unstoppable basic postulate, the public did not take very long before becoming passionate about this story, however not very original. It all started during a beautiful summer with friends, when Alex saw his sister Sara die from a defective parachute. The thesis of the accident is quickly evoked to explain this tragedy. The victim’s boyfriend, Rodolfo Lazcano, risks being accused. His father, a wealthy businessman, asks Alex to sacrifice himself for him for benefits. What should only be a small passage behind bars will turn into an eternity of 18 years. Upon his release, the wrongly accused will want to take revenge on the Lazcano family by using great means.

Who killed Sara? ©Netflix

Who killed Sara? has made its nest in the famous Top 10 in France and, at the time of writing, it continues to occupy a solid second place. Shortly after the episodes went online, the streaming giant made official the second season. Since the ending brings almost more questions than answers, we suspected there was going to be a sequel. It’s very soon, le 19 mai, that we will be entitled to it. Which leaves us a little time to wonder what it can hold for us.

A corpse in the garden

We left Alex on the exhumation of a buried skull in his own backyard. A rather mysterious new element, related to Sara. Except that the identity of the person killed remains a real mystery to be solved. The tracks are few at the moment but it could be Nicandro, the famous friend present on the day of the drama whose death we learned previously. Brief shots from a flashback showed Caesar shooting someone in what appears to be the garden where the body is buried. From what we understand, someone was assaulting Sara and Father Lazcano intervened to kill him with a bullet in the head. Sara not having died at this time, we quickly rule out the theory that it is she who is in the garden.

The culprit becomes clear

From the beginning, Who killed Sara? has come to play with us more than once. Appearances have often been deceptive and each character hides little shameful secrets. We still risk seeing some reconfiguration of the situation. If Caesar is undoubtedly a detestable man, he is no longer the main suspect in the scheme around the parachute. His wife, Mariana, takes this place in the eyes of viewers. The next episodes will start with the crosshairs pointed at her. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the truth was eminently more complex. But after a first season which has cleared the ground, there are not many potential candidates left to take responsibility for this murder.

Who killed Sara?
Who killed Sara? ©Netflix

Sara, victim and executioner?

We therefore obviously expect a proper explanation, just like a more complete portrait of Sara. The series has done quite well thus far in not simply positioning her as a victim. She too has unflattering acts on her record and her role has a nebulous side which deserves a deepening. The most petty pirouette would be to turn the tide by emphasizing too much his executioner side. In fact, we hope that the script will not go in this direction in bad taste. The other huge bad choice that could be made would be to reveal that Sara is not dead. It would imply that she knowingly let her brother rot in prison when she had him exonerated. Again, we hope very strongly that the writers have not opted for this idea. Otherwise, we want nothing more than an explanation of undeniable solidity!

The end of the season has probably lifted the veil on the identity of Diane the huntress by telling us that it should be Marifer, Sara’s best friend. Why does she force herself to go through this secret identity to communicate with Alex? The many messages she was able to exchange with the hero proves that she knows a lot about this affair and part of the journey to the truth will surely pass through a wider exploitation of this character remained in the shade until now.


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