“I have no children, it’s to transmit a little …” (VIDEO)

“I have no children, it’s to transmit a little …” (VIDEO)
“I have no children, it’s to transmit a little …” (VIDEO)

It is this Thursday, April 8, 2021 that appears on newsstands Welcome home, by Stéphane Plaza“, the very first magazine in which the famous host collaborates. A project he developed with Prisma Media, in partnership with M6. He presents it to us!

Not content with the success of his various programs broadcast on M6 (Search apartment or house, House for sale, Apartment hunters…), Stéphane Plaza – who is also continuing his activity as a real estate agent in parallel – is offering, as of today, Thursday April 8, 2021, his very first magazine on newsstands, entitled Welcome home, by Stéphane Plaza. The host, guest of the show Fan questions fromTV-Leisure, proudly presents this new project to us, in our exclusive video above. “It’s not a magazine that only talks about real estate, he explains at the outset. But also, decoration, tips in the house, habitat in general, how to do if you want an electric car, know if a wall is load-bearing or not, if you want to negotiate is it good to have a broker or not … It’s all that is the habitat and the interior to be better at home“, continues Stéphane Plaza.
Welcome home by Stéphane Plaza, n ° 1, on newsstands April 8, 2021 – © PrismaMedia

A project carried out in particular with Emmanuelle Rivassoux

But if he oversees this new magazine, Stéphane Plaza did not collaborate on it alone. “I left with Emmanuelle Rivassoux, he emphasizes. There are between 40 and 50 people who worked on it (…) I have no children. In any case, not declared. It is to transmit a little. We try to have completely different experts in all areas, to obtain something of quality. We tried to work on a serious, expert magazine, but without taking ourselves seriously. That’s all I love in life (…) It will be released every two months. We are going to talk about all of France (n ° 1 offers a file on the city of Lyon, Editor’s note) “, he would like to emphasize.

Fan questions : the integral

In Fan questions, the guests of TV-Leisure have the opportunity to interact directly with their audience. During his visit to our studios, Stéphane Plaza had the opportunity to exchange with Francine, Vinciane, Agnès and Maximilien. An exclusive meeting to discover right here:

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