the France 2 show accused of plagiarism by the former co-producer of D’art d’art

Since the beginning of March is broadcast Ooh there art, every Sunday evening on France 2. A cultural pastille which would very strongly resemble the program which preceded it, Art art, according to his former co-producer Natalie Kugel.

Last December, the show Art art, short format broadcast on France 2 every Sunday evening before the film in prime time, stopped. This small, quality popular magazine, in which a work of art was dissected in a few minutes, had existed for 18 years. Initially presented by Frédéric Taddeï, it was then led by the philosopher Adèle Van Reeth. The former co-producer of Art art, Natalie Ball, accuses, in an interview with Parisian, the new short program of France Télévisions, Ooh there art, to be a pale copy of his.

“When I saw the first number, I fell in love with it”, explains Natalie Kugel about Ouh là l’art

The promise ofOoh there art!, broadcast since the beginning of March: discover an event, an anecdote that sheds a different light on an artist’s work, through a question asked at the start of each part, such as “Was Matisse a fauve?” or “Why does Soulages paint black?”. Still in the presentation, Adèle Van Reeth responds by illustrating her point with a painting, a sculpture, photographs or even videos. A pastille that wants to be learned without being boring. The program makes Natalie Ball furious. “When I saw the first issue, I was completely overwhelmed. It is a very codified format, very identifiable, of which I wrote the first lines on an A4 sheet, 20 years ago“, tells the Parisian the former producer of Art art, who had learned the stop of her program in July 2020. She explains having given notice to France Télévisions to stop the broadcasting ofOoh there art, and have established a file to obtain repairs.

The producer of Ouh là l’art explains that the two programs are very different

Natalie Kugel now plans to press charges for “infringement”, “parasitism” and “unfair competition” against her former co-producer Tim Newman, who had developed with her Art art twenty years ago, and who, today, does alone Ooh there art!. For his part, Tim Newman defends himself, explaining that the two programs have “nothing to see“on the form, nor on the substance:”Here, we are talking about an artist linked to a temporary exhibition and not a work disconnected from current events as for Art art. And above all, we ask a question. That makes all the difference. “Tim Newman fears that, now, his show is in danger. Officially, France Televisions is not taking a position.”It concerns the producers, specifies the chain. We, we placed an order, we distribute it“, he was explained to Parisian by the audiovisual group.


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