Prince William auditioned her before marrying her!

Prince William auditioned her before marrying her!
Prince William auditioned her before marrying her!
It’s the tin wedding year for Kate Middleton and Prince William! This couple that haters have long disbelieved in love for 20 years, including 10 with a ring on their finger. And the parents of 3 adorable children – George, Charlotte, and Louis – left nothing to chance, before saying “yes” to each other for life.

Prince William auditioned Kate!

It is said that Prince William, very tormented by the intimate drama of his mother, Lady Diana, took the time to reflect, before bringing Kate Middleton into her family so exposed. And according to royal expert Robert Lacey, he even has it “audition“before getting down on one knee, in Kenya. The latter explains to the Sun : “Whether you like it or not, part of his job was to choose a wife who would do the job well. ”

Responsible, the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, who will become king after his father, Prince Charles, would therefore have organized a private interview to ensure that Kate Middleton would not burn her wings in the role of future queen consort. ..

A test that she passed with flying colors, given the rest of the story. And we understand why … According to Katie Nicholl, royal correspondent, author of “Kate : la future reine“, Kate Middleton had a crisis unit at her disposal, from the start of her relationship with the prince, in 2002. The specialist reports the words of an employee, recruited by the prince for his sweetheart, who details how he coached Kate Middleton to become a crowned head.

Kate Middleton coached before joining the royal family

He reveals : “We taught him how to face the cameras. We told him to smile at the photographers so that there would be better photos. We gave her advice on how to deal with the media, and we were there to support her if a crisis arose.“. Assistance which Meghan Markle would have for her part, sorely missed, if we are to believe the explosive statements she made on March 7, to Oprah Winfrey …

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