Rege-Jean Page (The Chronicle of the Bridgertons) victim of racism in the cinema? He expresses himself

Rege-Jean Page (The Bridgertons Chronicle) spoke out after rumors of racism in cinema about him.

Big controversy at the moment in the world of cinema! Rege-Jean Page would have been rejected from the cast of the Krypton series because of his skin color … Indeed, The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Geoff Johns, one of the authors of DC Comics, would have refused to cast a black actor for the role of Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman. If the latter would have justified his choice by the fact that the public did not expect to see an ancestor of the superhero other than white in color, the controversy did not take long to hatch in the press. Faced with these accusations of racism by Geoff Johns towards Rege-Jean Page, the actor then spoke in a message posted on his account Twitter.

Rege-Jean Page, who refused to return in Season 2 of The Bridgertons despite being offered an astronomical sum, wrote: “Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did then. The clarifications almost hurt more. I always do my thing. We are still doing the job. We are still flying. “ In a sober message and without any attack, the actor still seems to confirm the controversy of racism against him in the film industry. However, Rege-Jean Page keeps your head up and continues to work on other professional projects, after having definitely hung up his role of Duke Simon Basset in the series Netflix.

Credits: Twitter @regejean


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