Slimane looks back on a painful drama: the murder of his roommate

Slimane looks back on a painful drama: the murder of his roommate
Slimane looks back on a painful drama: the murder of his roommate

Slimane returns to the columns of Paris Match on the murder of his roommate to whom he dedicates a song, Do not leave me.

Since participating in The Voice, Slimane subscribed to success. And his meeting with Vitaa only confirmed his happiness and success. Number 1 in sales one week after its release on August 23, 2019, VersuS, their duet album, which includes the hits VersuS, I give it to you but also It’s going to come, Before you or Maëlys, yet had almost never seen the light of day. The opus still occupied the first place more than four months after its release! An incredible feat of which the two performers, also very accomplices on social networks, were the “the first surprised“, as confided Slimane. “We experience it like amazed children, because we know how rare such success is in our profession.

Slimane and Vitaa resumed their journey

Today, they have resumed their journey individually. Slimane has just released a cover of Belle, the hit of the musical Our Lady from Paris, with Dadju and Gims. While Vitaa resumed with Camelia Jordana and Amel Bent a hit from her friend Diam’s. But their beautiful friendship still exists and, in an interview with Paris-Match this Thursday, the singer says she is “exasperated” by what is said in her relationship with Slimane. Moreover, the two artists remain very close and do not exclude the possibility of performing together again. For his part, in the same magazine, Slimane returns in particular on the episodes of his life which influenced his music: from his love stories, to the racism and homophobia of which he was a victim …

Slimane talks about his roommate and friend,brutally murdered in a park

Slimane also said a few words about a painful event: the murder of his friend and roommate. “He was brutally murdered in a park“, entrusts Slimane at Paris Match. The singer even wrote a song in tribute to his friend, Do not leave me. “I trusted life. / But I understood that it was worth nothing when Abdoulaye left. / I don’t have time to pay attention to the shit you spit out. / I have too much for my mother to accomplish for you to know. / I cried when I bought him his house. / I cried when I wrote this song”, Sings Slimane. This episode that Slimane will never forget, also allowed him to move forward. “Sometimes we get lost… I’m lucky to never pick up because I have this light, friends and I’m happy. I have seen too many people let themselves die from drugs or bad company. I am a staunch defender of life. My worst fear would be to come to the end and say to myself: “You did not live ”.”

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