Beijing Express: Aurora still under treatment since the fatal accident

Since the terrible traffic accident that occurred during the filming of the Beijing Express show, Aurore, who was forced to give up the game with her husband, has still not recovered from her injuries.

“I am still under neuropathic treatment,” she confided in an interview with Le Parisien. “I received a lot of care. I was able to benefit from excellent psychological support. For three months, I had a strong sense of guilt. I didn’t dare take the car either, ”explains the one who no longer has any memory of the accident,“ except the sound of the impact ”, and who must also now live with a scar on her forehead.

The appalling event brought the adventure she had dreamed of with her husband Jonathan to an abrupt halt. “There is a little taste of the unfinished. It was Aurore’s dream, “regrets the northerner, who remembers” in detail “of the accident. “We were on a beautiful road, on the seafront, it was exceptionally beautiful. And there, I see a car coming out of a bend at an insane speed and which cannot control its trajectory. The man believes that he owes his survival to the vehicle in which they were traveling. “We were in a van, our luck was there.”

Despite the deep trauma, and also the memory of other hardships they had to face during their participation in the Beijing Express – a tourist in Uganda and a fever in Ethiopia had already hit Aurore hard – the couple said they still dream of leaving.


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