Bruno wins his 4th mysterious Star! The star to discover was …

Bruno wins his 4th mysterious Star! The star to discover was …
Bruno wins his 4th mysterious Star! The star to discover was …

Bruno, the current midi master of Jean-Luc Reichmann, managed to land his fourth mysterious star in The 12 Coups de midi. But this time, without managing to achieve a new feat … Here is the personality he had to recognize!

He’s under pressure. He knows it. And for good reason: by achieving three times the feat of winning a mysterious Star while it was still covered with many boxes, Bruno, the current Midday Master of Jean-Luc Reichmann who changes his voice to The 12 strokes of midi, is aware that it is expected at the turn in The 12 Coups de midi. “It’s a vicious circle, the 29-year-old told us a few weeks ago. When we find a second, a third … Everyone tells me that I will inevitably find the next one, suddenly, we can not rest too much. It prompts me to do more research. But it’s positive pressure.“Despite his many proposals, which are always well-argued, he has not managed to repeat his previous exploits, even if only one box remains today. But in view of his talent, no one will blame him: Bruno wins a new showcase of 26,199 euros in gifts.

Who was hiding behind the mysterious Star of March / April 2021 in The 12 strokes of noon ?

And it was finally the singer and comedian Thomas Dutronc who had to be recognized behind this mysterious Star! This is how the different clues could be interpreted: the photo studio that was discovered in the background could refer to his passion for photography; popcorn was reminiscent of filming; the chestnuts evoked his attachment to Corsica; the kitten could recall that he had performed the flagship song of the duo with Laura Smet Aristocats : Everyone wants to be a cat ; the rocking chair in reference to the credits of All the girls are crazy ; finally, the armor symbolized his medal of Knight of Arts and Letters. A new mysterious Star will be in play from tomorrow, Friday April 9, 2021, in The 12 Coups de midi. Bruno, whose jackpot now reaches € 352,254 in gifts and winnings, will he manage to win a fifth? Unless he is eliminated before? The current record is seven Mysterious Stars dropped.

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