Twerk to Hell with Lil Nas X

American rapper Lil Nas X has released a mini-game, which takes up the story and elements of his latest music video, Montero. The goal is simple: you have to twerk.

A few years ago, you probably played Guitar Hero, the hyper popular rhythm game in which you had to play a guitarist. Prepare now for Twerk Hero, his worthy successor. It’s Lil Nas X, the most American rapper bootylicious of the moment, which is at the origin of this mini-game. Specifically, the game is based on the music video for his latest single, Montero (Call my by your name), which, in addition to rising to # 1 on the US Billboard, also caused a scandal: Lil Nas X can be seen twerking against Satan – which is pretty awesome.

The mini-game released on April 7, 2021 takes up the most important elements of the music video of Montero, that is to say the journey of Lil Nas X from the Garden of Eden to the Underworld, and above all, the twerk.

You can play here at Twerk Hero.

Twerk to hell

As the name suggests, on Twerk Hero, you will have to twerk in rhythm in order to be able to catch the arrows (called here “temptations”) which arrive on you. The result is an absolutely ungracious dance and a booty that goes all over the place, and it’s very clearly the best thing that has happened to us since the start of 2020.

Twerk on a pole dance // Source: Lil Nas X

To succeed in catching the temptations, you will have to move Lil Nas X’s buttocks using your mouse, quite simply. So sometimes you’ll have to give erratic knocks or do whatever it takes on your trackpad to keep up with the pace. If you are on the phone, same principle: you will have to move your thumb in all directions, but the game is worth the effort.

The game is divided into four levels, which correspond to a part of the clip each. You will therefore start in the Garden of Eden, and the last level obviously takes place in hell. You will also have to twerk on the famous stage of the pole dance. In order to move to the next level, you will have to succeed at each stage in catching a minimum number of temptations.

The whole game is played to the music of Montero, for the greatest pleasure of all. Did I spend 1 hour playing this game over and over again in order to finish the levels? Perhaps. Do I regret? Certainly not.

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