Philippe Etchebest frontally attacks Bruno Le Maire, it’s very hot! The situation is complicated!

Philippe Etchebest frontally attacks Bruno Le Maire, it’s very hot! The situation is complicated!
Philippe Etchebest frontally attacks Bruno Le Maire, it’s very hot! The situation is complicated!

It’s a pretty surreal scene that we could see last night on television, between Philippe Etchebest, the great cook of M6 that we can see in Cauchemar en cuisine, and Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy , Finances et de la Relance in the government of Jean Castex. He is not the only restaurateur to find himself in such a delicate situation.

Right in the news, it rebounded on a theme that made the French jump, and Internet users were not deprived of supporting it on social networks!

Philippe Etchebest: very upset against the government, he is ready to do anything to help restaurants!

The least we can say is that the cook Philippe Etchebest is not idle and he knows perfectly well that the situation has become untenable for restaurateurs since the coronavirus health crisis has been given with all the restrictions that this implies.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that it is said that many restaurant owners will unfortunately have to be forced to close their doors because of this unprecedented economic and health crisis that we are all still experiencing today.

However, since the very beginning of the pandemic, chef Philippe Etchebest has been doing everything possible to be able to help small restaurateurs. Indeed, during the very first confinement, we had even been able to see him exchange by screen interposed with Emmanuel Macron. Faced with the Head of State, the cook Philippe Etchebest did not hesitate to say loud and clear what he was thinking, even if it did not please.

Unfortunately, this was not enough and for some restaurants the situation only got worse. Indeed, while some still manage to offer their customers an order retrieval system with home delivery or take out orders, this is not the case for everyone and unfortunately this method of distribution does not apply to everyone.

In addition, bars are still forced to remain closed, and faced with this tragic situation, they unfortunately cannot be sure of being able to reopen their doors anytime soon. While Philippe Etchebest found himself in the magazine C à vous last night on France 5, we could also see him alongside Minister Bruno Le Maire, and as you will see the exchange between the two protagonists was very muscular : no one expected to see such a situation live.

Philippe Etchebest: he asks Bruno Le Maire for details on the curfew and asks him to throw everything out!

As some people tend to believe, the government should make some very important announcements today concerning the continuation of the management of the health crisis of the coronavirus. At the time of writing, absolutely no hypothesis can be ruled out and anything is possible!

It was when host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked Philippe Etchebest if he feared the 6 p.m. curfew preventing restaurants from making take-out deliveries that he turned to Bruno Le Maire.

While Jean Castex must give new information, Philippe Etchebest affirmed that he knew how to read very well between the lines like the presenter, and even if Bruno Le Maire remained impassive by saying that he was not going to make a statement to instead of the Prime Minister, we imagine that all this should be confirmed today!

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