Patrick Juvet’s cause of death revealed

Patrick Juvet’s cause of death revealed
Patrick Juvet’s cause of death revealed

The announcement of the disappearance of Patrick Juvet last week took everyone by surprise. The singer was found dead in his apartment in Barcelona, ​​where he had taken up residence for many years. It had been several days since he had given any news to his relatives.
At first, a certain rumor wanted that he succumbed to the Covid. Others thought of suicide, especially after the words of Nicoletta, a close friend of the artist. She had indicated that Patrick Juvet was not doing well and was still addicted to alcohol. “He was doing so badly. He started to let go when his mother, with whom he was closely related, passed away three or four years ago. We called each other often. I was trying to motivate him to work on his piano – because he was an excellent pianist – and tour the theaters, but he no longer listened to me. He no longer had the courage. Loneliness is hard when you have known the great light. ”

The announcement by Yann Yvoux, manager of Patrick Juvet, that an autopsy was going to be performed to determine the causes of his death had instilled a little more doubt. The first results of the latter have fallen. They sweep away all the gossip: the singer actually succumbed to a heart attack. This is what he told AFP.

A new to come

Appointed executor of the will by the artist, Yann Yvoux announced that an unpublished title recently recorded by Patrick Juvet will soon be unveiled to the public, as was planned during the singer’s lifetime. Good news for the many fans who have expressed their emotion after the disappearance of their idol.

As for the funeral, they will take place in the strictest privacy, in Barcelona. Patrick Juvet will be cremated and his ashes repatriated to Switzerland, where he was born. A ceremony will also be organized in this country without a date being known for the moment.

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