Moundir’s long recovery from Covid-19: “I’m looking for my breath …”

Since March 30, the host has been giving his news regularly via his social networks after a long hospitalization caused by the Covid-19.

“15 days of hospitalization, 4 days of resuscitation, 18 pounds lost, 60% of muscle mass left, lungs 75% infected, relearn to walk, relearn to breathe, relearn to wash, relearn to fall asleep. No, that doesn’t just happen to the elderly. “ In a few lines published Wednesday on Instagram, Moundir Zoughari summarized the ordeal he went through and the period of convalescence he began. It was on the day of March 15 in the Paris region that the former hero of “Koh-Lanta” contracted the Covid-19. Three days later, he was experiencing the first symptoms with body aches, excessive fatigue, cough and difficulty breathing.

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After several visits to the emergency room at Tenon hospital in Paris, he was admitted to the infectious diseases department on March 22 before his condition worsened. “I had resigned myself to accepting my death after my lungs were 75% affected”, published Moundir on April 1st. “Your prayers, your love, your support and your messages from all over the world have reached me in resuscitation thanks to my wife whom I love so much.” A wife, Inès Zoughari, whom he never ceases to thank as on this very special Thursday. “My wife, my warrior, today you are celebrating your 36 years”, he wrote to her publicly. “I wanted to tell you that I love you and that you are an example of fighting spirit. Without you by my side, I’m not much. I wanted to tell you that for 13 years I have been the happiest man in the world and that I will be forever grateful to you for all you do for our home and the future of our children. Happy birthday and may life give us time to always be together with our children. ”

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Because it is from a distance that Inès Zoughari has been inquiring about the evolution of her husband’s health for nearly a month. Settled in their home in the south of France, she takes care of their three young children with the invaluable help of her mother. For the time being, Moundir remains in Paris to perform his convalescence under respiratory assistance and a permanent check of his level of oxygen in the blood. “Today, exercise to go up and down the stairs. Just 10 steps. In my condition, it’s like climbing Everest, the slightest effort takes on crazy dimensions, I try to breathe and rebuild my lung tissue ”, he testified Wednesday. “Every day counts and I won’t let go until I’m well. I have seen things at the CHU, believe me, it is not elderly people who are in intensive care. “

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