Lou B eliminated, his dad posts a moving letter on Facebook

Lou B eliminated, his dad posts a moving letter on Facebook
Lou B eliminated, his dad posts a moving letter on Facebook

Following the elimination of Lou B from the RTBF telecrochet this Tuesday evening, Luc Boland, his dad, sent a message on Facebook full of hope to the public who have supported Lou en masse since the start of the program.

This Tuesday evening, the coaches of The Voice Belgium had to choose their finalists. Lou B was not selected by Henri PFR who preferred to reward Sonita’s “exceptional rests”. Orlane Willems, Sonita Ojong, Alice Van Eesbeek and Jérémie Makiese, three girls, one boy, will compete for the final victory next Tuesday. In a letter posted on Facebook entitled “Lou could not win The Voice”, Luc Boland thanked the public for the support his son has received since his first appearance in the RTBF program.

Lou, “Blind, odorless, carrier of a mild form of autism, having tocs against which he fights”, had moved the audience through his sensitive and touching performances. His piano performance, performed as part of the fourth Blind, had left no one indifferent. But this Tuesday night, Henri PFR took the risk of a possible bad buzz by de facto eliminating Lou Boland. He only awarded her 35 points while giving Sonita 65, which, except for one huge surprise, could no longer be offset by the public vote. A decision accepted and even supported by Lou’s family.

“Above all a voice competition”

In his open letter, Luc Boland explains in particular that “Lou’s handicaps did not in any way justify the fact that he could take the place of Voices such as Sonita, TK Russel or other candidates” before thanking the public for their unwavering support. “You are hundreds of thousands to have discovered or rediscovered our singular artist, thousands to have been touched by his artistic sensitivity, by the emotion in his diction, by his grain of voice too”, which seems to have touched and moved the family a lot, even if “That did not justify that in this framework, remarkable artists are seen eliminated on other considerations than those of the vocal performance”.

Lou’s family also spoke about the special conditions of the shoots due to the health crisis, before once again thanking Internet users: “We are sending all of our energy to you during these difficult times. Thanks thanks thanks!”

Lou’s dad also recalled the importance of supporting the young artist who has already released several pieces to discover on his Facebook or Youtube page.


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