“Seven sisters”: 7 infos on the film with Noomi Rapace

Tonight on M6 the sci-fi movie Seven Sisters (2017) with Noomi Rapace as septuplets.

1 / One actress, seven roles

In Seven Sisters, the actress Noomi Rapace (discovered thanks to Millennium: the men who didn’t like women) embodies the seven twin sisters of the story, who are named like the days of the week.

2/ Blacklisté

The original Seven Sisters screenplay was featured on the famed Blacklist of Most Promising Screenplays.

3 / Twins rather than twins

Max Botkin, the screenwriter, came up with the idea for the concept in 2001 but was considering twin brothers. When director Tommy Wirkola took charge of the project, he thought replacing them with women would bring a more interesting dynamic.

4 / Seven sisters, seven personalities

Monday is extremely intelligent, sophisticated, calm, ambitious and driven. Tuesday is unconventional, gentle, sensitive and funny. Wednesday is sporty, a little aggressive, courageous. Thursday is the rebel of the gang. Friday is the brains of the gang, introverted and a little genius of science. Samedi is blonde, feminine, outgoing, loves to party, is sassy. Sunday is maternal and balanced.

5 / Make-up, hairstyle and costumes

The sisters’ hairstyles, makeup and dress styles helped Noomi Rapace fit into each of the roles. “Thanks to the costumes, the body adapts to the physical constraints of the role, and the different hairstyles and makeup make it possible to embody each of the characters”, confides the actress. When they make up methe for turn me into Mondayfor example, that’s all my face that changes. It is an emotional and psychological transformation that goes as far as change my facial expressions. It is the fruit of a clever mix between my game, the acting direction of Tommy, the script, the hairstyle, the makeup and the costumes, and then my inner world, my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts ”, concludesit.

6 / the tamed sisters

Noomi Rapace set himself a big challenge by agreeing to play these seven characters. If at first, the actress wondered how she was going to succeed in inventing seven personalities. In the end, she realized that she was “each of them through the stages of [sa] life “. ” Qwhen I was 13 or 14 years old, I looked like Tuesday la hippie, and then growing up I had something Wednesday, me who loved to fight and who was a very tomboy. I had a phase where I looked like Thursday, aggressive punk who resents the whole world. And then I was also this dressed blonde of pink, like Hismedi. They perfectly illustrate the different stages of my life« .

7 / Special effects

For scenes involving several sisters, the team used different techniques depending on the shots. ” On a mis developed a unique filming system because we combined several methods: for example, we grafted one face onto another, we resorted to at the ‘splitscreen ‘, we used fixed cameras and liners, and since Noomi has characteristices, we molded masks from her face for the scenes where the sisters are backplan, busy on their computer, cooking or playing sports« .

Seven Sisters, summary of a futuristic thriller

2073. The Earth is overpopulated. The government decides to establish a one-child policy, enforced with an iron fist by the Birth Allowance Office, under the aegis of Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close). Confronted with the birth of septuplets, Terrence Settman (Willem Dafoe) decides to keep the existence of her 7 granddaughters secret. Confined in their apartment, named a day of the week, they will each have to share a unique identity outside, simulating the existence of a single person: Karen Settman (Noomi Rapace). If the secret remains intact for years, everything collapses the day Monday mysteriously disappears …

Seven Sisters, Thursday April 8 at 9:05 p.m. on M6

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