how did Noomi Rapace manage to play seven identical sisters?

SEVEN SISTERS. Noomi Rapace plays septuplets in Tommy Wirkola’s sci-fi film. But how did they manage to duplicate it on the screen? Secrets of filming.


Thursday April 8 at 9:05 p.m.

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[Mis à jour le 8 avril 2021 à 20h45] Seven Noomi Rapace on screen. This is what Seven Sisters offers, a science fiction film by Tommy Wirkola which questions the policies of the one child in a dystopian future. The Swedish actress embodies on screen the septuplets that are hidden from the eyes of society. On screen, it may happen that the actress is seen seven times in the same room. If this special effects technique, which consists of duplicating the actress in post-production, is commonly used in Hollywood, it is no less complex. To succeed in duplicating Noomi Rapace, she must play with doublers and take turns playing each character present in the same scene: “If we shoot a scene with doublers, I have to show them what I count beforehand. Do, remembers the Swedish actress to Allociné. I have an overview of the scene. I have to look at it from different angles and that’s a lot of responsibility. “

The director of photography, Jose David Montero, must have thought up with Tommy Wirkola’s teams a capture system specific to the film. But several constraints made the filming more complex: “With the duplication effect and the different layers that are superimposed, if we change anything, it no longer works, and we have to start all over again, which makes us take a huge delay. . The other difficulty is to shoot in a closed and restricted space. We want to give the impression that the ceilings have hidden depths, so that the space becomes narrower. We needed three cameras, sometimes four, one green background, a blue background, and lighting. Suffice to say that it was very complicated to manage all of this at the same time “. Difficulties that are worth it, since in front of their screen, the spectator sees nothing but fire!


Synopsis – In the future, the Earth is suffocating due to its overpopulation. Nicolette Cayman, who heads the Birth Allowance Office, is responsible for carrying out a one-child policy. Terrence Settman “disobeys” when his wife gives birth to seven babies. He calls them seven days a week. In order not to be unmasked, each of them can go out only on the day that corresponds to their first name. The ploy works for years. But one day, Monday is arrested. The six still free and with very different personalities will do everything to save her and escape Nicolette Cayman’s henchmen …

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