Fabien Lecoeuvre recognizes a “slippage” but denounces an instrumentalisation of his remarks on Hoshi (VIDEO)

Fabien Lecoeuvre recognizes a “slippage” but denounces an instrumentalisation of his remarks on Hoshi (VIDEO)
Fabien Lecoeuvre recognizes a “slippage” but denounces an instrumentalisation of his remarks on Hoshi (VIDEO)

After his controversial remarks on the physique of the singer Hoshi, the columnist Fabien Lecoeuvre wanted to explain himself on RTL.

Every day on RTL, Pascal Praud hosts a free-to-air program that has existed since 1985: Listeners have the floor. This Thursday, April 8, it was not only them who were entitled to a platform but also Fabien Lecoeuvre. The latter is at the origin of a controversy since Wednesday when he attacked the physique of the young singer Hoshi, ex candidate of The Voice. “When are we going to release handsome guys or sublime girls? ?, did he declare. When you look at Hoshi, for example, who has an incredible, indisputable talent … Finally, you put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? But she is scary. When I say that, I have nothing against this girl who is great and who has talent. (…) She’s great but she gives her songs to sublime girls (…) There are plenty of magnificent performers, I’m sure there are … “. Comments he made on the independent Arts-Mada web radio. Since then, it is the war between the two personalities who clash with interposed declarations. Hoshi, who has experienced cyberstalking in the past, has responded to attacks that focus solely on his appearance. And she was overwhelmingly supported. A large number of people, including stars, were indeed offended by the words spoken by the columnist like Stéphanie Fugain who vigorously defended the singer. If the author of these remarks will be live in this evening in Do not touch My TV to explain himself in more detail, he began his defense this afternoon on RTL.

“I tripped my feet in the carpet”

Faced with Pascal Praud, Fabien Lecoeuvre first tried to make people forget the nature of his words: “We have to re-contextualize things. I was asked about an article in the World (…) It was a debate on yesterday and today in song. I explained that today there are very, very few artists, stars who are also performers … “. The RTL journalist then refocused his interlocutor: “There you type in key, forgive me Fabien. You say ‘Do you see a poster of Hoshi in your room? ‘ No but you said something stupid, it can happen to all of us but just say: ‘I said something stupid and I’m sorry for that’, he got exasperated. After various discussions, Fabien Lecoeuvre finally admitted a fault: “Obviously, I admit that I was clumsy (…). I did not use the correct qualifier and it is a slip. I was in an explanation and I tripped over the carpet in an explanation.”

“There is a kind of hatred …”

Fabien Leceuvre nevertheless sought to denounce the response he had received after his statement: “Sometimes in explanations, it can happen, we can get out of hand. But we cannot question the seriousness of my work, the books that I have written (…). No, but it is above all that there is a kind of hatred around that. Because all this is instrumentalized, you imagine. The great specialists today on the networks which instrumentalize and which give me all the faults of the Earth. ” Pascal Praud did not let this accusation pass: “Ah bah yes but you’re funny. It’s the rules of the game. If I throw something like that, I know what I’m going to take …”. The words of the music specialist did not seem to move Hoshi in any case, who split a simple emoji representing a clown in response to his Twitter account.

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