Internet users are totally upset

Internet users are totally upset
Internet users are totally upset

Tuesday 6 last april, Stéphane Rotenberg returned to the screens of M6 for the presentation of the new show of Beijing Express. Once again, the viewers were therefore very numerous to discover the new adventures of the candidates. However, at the end of the program, a particular sequence caught their attention. Since the production has decided to come back to a catastrophic accident of which the program, and more particularly Aurore and Jonathan, were victims. Objection therefore comes back for you on this deeply tragic event.

Beijing Express : two candidates victims of a road accident, one death to be deplored

An adventure that ends badly

In this last program of Beijing Express, the producers are like this income on the terrible drama that Aurore and Jonathan had to face. As a reminder, during the filming which took place in September 2020, the participants of the adventure game were on a road in Turkey. Installed in the vehicle with the technical teams around them, they collided with an oncoming car. A terrible pile-up ensues. Despite the rapid arrival of help, the death of the occupant of the vehicle opposite unfortunately had to be noted.

As for the candidates of Beijing Express, they were quickly transported to a treatment unit. In particular, Aurora suffering from head injuries. Another member of the team was also to be taken care of by the doctors. He had to remain under surveillance. The cameraman suffered from slight bruises without his state of health being really worrying. We could therefore wonder if the show was going to evoke the subject or even broadcast images of this sad memory. Obviously, this has been the case. Even so, many precautions have been taken in this regard. Objection explains which ones.

An editorial choice

Pekin Express: Stéphane Rotenberg, the host of Beijing Express, thus wished to express itself before the dissemination of these images. He specifies that this choice was made because this accident will have really had an impact on the course of the game. There was obviously no question of sensationalism or disrespect for the victims. ”We will show it from a distance, because we must keep a little modesty with this. But yes, we will talk about it because it has an effect on the race “. M6 would therefore probably have decided to play with transparency. Thus, at the end of the broadcast of Beijing Express from this Tuesday, April 6, viewers were able to discover what really happened last September in Turkey. The report explains that Aurore and Jonathan did not stay behind after the tragedy. And that they have not resumed the course of the game.

Pekin Express: Everyone seemed to agree to repatriate them to France and put an end to their adventure. It is, indeed, easy to imagine the reaction they must have felt in the face of this terrible tragedy. The couple from the North probably had the biggest fright of their life. But today they also have to face the idea that someone has lost life during those few seconds which will ultimately change their life. In the images, we thus discover two young people deeply marked. A sequence which obviously also had an impact on the viewers who reacted very quickly on Twitter. Objection returns for you on some of the most striking comments that followed this broadcast.

Pekin Express: ”What sadness“

This is indeed a feeling that was shared by a large number of Internet users. Indeed, the public of Beijing Express seemed upset by this story. From then on, the fans of the program quickly decide to give their full support to Aurore and Jonathan. They do not hesitate to say they are horrified by this terrible experience which the candidates had to face. “I get chills everywhere, it’s horrible”, ”But it’s horrible the poor, it breaks my heart”, ”Shocked the poor… Luckily they didn’t have anything serious, they’re just amazing, ”Accident? Pardon ??? They deserve so much not what happens to them, it is little angels. While others just couldn’t imagine that one day Beijing Express would experience such a drama. A large number of fans thus have a moving thought for the candidates, but also for the family of the victim.

Apparently, the mention of this accident has indeed caused a real cold sweat in a large number of viewers. The fans thus thought of all those who were directly or indirectly affected by this drama. They thus pay tribute to the relatives of the deceased driver, to the technical teams of Beijing Express and of course to the two candidates. A real disaster on which Stéphane Rotenberg and M6 have thus decided to come back. A sequence which was nevertheless surrounded by enormous precautions not to cause any controversy. The goal was not to make the sensational, but only to inform about the reality of the facts. The testimony given by Aurore and Jonathan was also very followed with the consequence of a real empathy on the part of the public for all the victims in this affair.

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