A Long Halloween is revealed with the dark trailer for its first part

The animated adaptation of the cult comic book Batman : Un Long Halloween is revealed with the trailer for its first part, scheduled for this summer.

While Warner Bros. is in the process of cleaning up its various films at the cinema, the animation section of the studio continues to promote one of its most anticipated projects: the adaptation of the cult Batman : Un Long Halloween (to which we devoted a file here).

After Batman : Soul of the Dragon (our review here) and Justice Society : World War II, scheduled for April 27 in dematerialized form and May 11 on DVD and Blu-ray, it will then be the turn of the first part of this animated adaptation of the work of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale to land on the screens.

As for The Dark Knight Returns or The Death of Superman and The Reign of the Supermen (our reviews are available here and right there), the film was divided into two parts, a first announced for this summer, classified PG-13, and the second scheduled for fall 2021, more violent, with a Rated R ranking.

IGN exclusively unveiled the trailer for the first part of Batman : Un Long Halloween and as a first image shared at the same time as the voice casting had already shown, the artistic direction has moved away from the very particular trait of Tim Sale for a style close to that seen in Superman: Man of Tomorrow, with thickened contours à la Archer.

Which is not so surprising considering that Batman : Un Long Halloween is written by Tim Sheridan and directed by Chris Palmer, both of whom collaborated on the Kryptonian Origins film (our review here). These versions of Batman and Superman both being in their young vigilante years, it is possible that the two films take place in the same continuity, in addition to sharing the same aesthetic.

Moonlight meeting

In contrast, the trailer shows that the script should stay true to that of Jeph Loeb, with a story that takes place some time later Batman: Year One (to which we declared all our love here).

As the young Dark Knight battles the Gotham City underworld ruled by Carmine Falcone and growing enemies, he also finds himself confronted with a series of murders perpetrated only during the holidays. During his investigation, the Dark Knight will cross paths with his friend Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and other villains like Solomun Grundy, but will also team up with prosecutor Harvey Dent, who transforms into Double-Face during the story.



Heads or tails?

Warner Bros. relied on an impressive cast for dubbing, with Jensen Ackles for The Dark Knight after lending his voice to Jason Todd in Batman and the red mask, Josh Duhamel for Harvey Dent / Double-Face or even a Catwoman voiced by Naya Rivera, who had time to record her voice on both parts before tragically disappearing in July 2020.

The secondary characters are not left out either, with Titus Welliver for Carmine Falcone, Troy Baker for his usual role of the Joker, Amy Landecker as Barbara Gordon or even Alastair Duncan for Alfred. Hopefully the promise will be kept, even without the Tim Sale aesthetic. While waiting for the release date to be announced, you can re-read our review of Superman : Red Son.

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