Clara Luciani unveils her new single: “An antidote to the general cockroach”

Clara Luciani unveils her new single: “An antidote to the general cockroach”
Clara Luciani unveils her new single: “An antidote to the general cockroach”

She will put glitter in our lives. After a year and a half of absence, Clara Luciani is back this Friday with “The rest”, a funky and sexy single and an elegant clip tribute to her hero, Jacques Demy, which heralds a dancing and thrilling second album. Her “Heart” will beat on June 11 and propel her into a “dancing queen” with her name in silver letters on the cover. After having sold 300,000 albums, created a huge hit with “La Grenade” and won two Victoires de la Musique in 2019 and 2020, the 28-year-old singer knows she is eagerly awaited, but laughter and emotion are always ready to spring. under his mask.

Today opens the second chapter of your career. Do you have the pressure?

CLARA LUCIANI. The first album, we write it for ourselves, there is not a huge stake. But the second, we write it for others, hoping not to disappoint them, especially when a song has gone so well. It’s already a bit dizzying. So in this context … I don’t get much sleep (she laughs). Do people have their minds on this? Are they not too obsessed with government announcements? But at the same time, we need more entertainment than ever. And this album is an invitation to dance, to travel, everything that we cannot do. It is an outstretched hand. I hope they will grab it.

This first single is funky, bright …

It is the logical continuation of “La grenade”, a woman who assumes to have ruined a love story, keeps only good memories and allows herself to talk about her ex’s ass. I looked in myself for a new, more adult and emancipated energy. The clip is a nod to my Provence and to Jacques Demy, the guardian angel of my childhood. I discovered “Les demoiselles de Rochefort” when I was 8, with school, and it revolutionized my life.

Will the album be in this vein?

During confinement, I went back to my basics, Abba, Jackson 5, Claude François … I told myself that, since Clo-Clo, we haven’t had too much French disco, and that it would be great bet to make a “drama queen” record with love songs, but not tearful. I started writing them in May 2019 but in a sense they all came out of confinement. My first album was very self-centered and tearful, apart from “La grenade” which was a warrior. This one, I thought of it as an antidote to the general blues. Now is the time to stop staring at yourself.

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How are you coping with this pandemic?

After the Victories, a year ago, I went to Scotland for ten days. And then France confined itself. I live in a small apartment in Paris, so I preferred to stay in the green. This was important because I was finally able to realize that I was happy. I looked at the photos and videos from the tour: Ah yes anyway, I had this chance. What happens to me, I don’t want to find it normal. I am not a defeatist, but I always prepare for chess. This makes the falls less difficult.

“The pomegranate” has become a feminist hymn. Are you proud of it?

This pleases me. When you write a song in the privacy of your room, you can’t imagine that it could one day become a hit, let alone a political and unifying slogan. It’s crazy. There were even demonstrations with the words written on signs!

What do you think of the MusicToo movement, which denounces harassment in the music world?

I can only encourage that 1000%, because I want the word to be released and justice to be done. I didn’t have any problems myself, I was very lucky. But between singers, we talk about it. I have the impression that women are listened to more than when I released “La grenade” at the end of 2017. Weinstein, #Balance Ton Porc, MusicToo, it’s progressing slowly, but it’s moving forward.

Has success given you confidence?

When thousands of people applaud you, it is an extraordinary balm in the heart. Especially me who was the ugly duckling in college. The encouragement of the public, the media, the Victories, all of this helped me to accept myself. Even physically. I don’t think I am prettier or more talented, but I have given up on not loving myself.

Seeing many friends having big parties during the Covid-19 pandemic, Clara Luciani wanted to appeal for responsibility after the death of her grandfather.
Seeing many friends having big parties during the Covid-19 pandemic, Clara Luciani wanted to appeal for responsibility after the death of her grandfather. LP / Olivier Lejeune

You wrote for Julien Clerc, sung with Julien Doré, Calogero, Raphaël, Thomas Dutronc… Are you the most requested voice in France?

(She laughs) I love writing for others and I’m always up for a duo, especially in a world where you can’t kiss each other anymore. The notion of interlacing voices, symbolically, is very strong. Wife (Editor’s note: his first group) helped me find my voice. I understood that technique and prowess were not my forte. We sometimes feel that she is fragile but I assume to be all in sensitivity, I no longer hide my flaws.

On Instagram, you launched an appeal for responsibility after the death of your grandfather, carried away by the Covid at 88 years old. Why ?

I am modest and I want to keep a secret garden for myself. But it seemed necessary to me to speak out seeing a lot of friends having big parties and hearing a lot of conspiracy theories. I just want to remind people that this is real and that we have to protect our grandparents.

And your Pépé Jeannot counted a lot …

He has always been a source of inspiration. He’s the funniest man I’ve known, he had this magical power to make everything bearable. He had been a minor in Alès – like Julien’s grandfather (Editor’s note: Golden) -, had known terrible tragedies but never complained. He cut out the articles about me in “La Provence” and kept them near him. When I sang at the Martigues theater, he came. It was one of the first outings of his life. When I introduced him, he stood up and people gave him a long standing ovation. This moment he talked about it until the end, even to his nurses. Everything I will do from now on is dedicated to him. I have to make him proud.

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