Amel Bent totally crisp and irresistible in this silk mini dress, she is stunning!

Amel Bent totally crisp and irresistible in this silk mini dress, she is stunning!
Amel Bent totally crisp and irresistible in this silk mini dress, she is stunning!

Definitely, Amel Bent never stops turning heads. Indeed, the coach of The Voice multiplies appearances in outfits always at the top of the trend. This Saturday March 27, the interpreter of My philosophy once again demonstrated this brilliantly. In a silk dress, Amel Bent sets the plateau on fire. Objection So comes back for you on this totally crazy outfit.

Action Bent : the beautiful brunette once again creates the event, her community is fan

A new style displayed

Action Bent is a true fashion fan. In fact, she never hid it. But in recent months, she now dares radically different styles. Perhaps a new daring also linked to his phenomenal weight loss. Indeed, the singer seems totally slimmed down for some time. A real metamorphosis that makes her visibly very happy and totally fulfilled. The artist is therefore making more and more highly noticed appearances. Moreover, his followers and viewers are not mistaken. Whether on the web or on television, they keep praising her.

Just like in this last appearance in the famous TF1 show in The Voice. The 35-year-old mother is indeed still on top. Some of these last passages are still in all memories. Especially when last December, she posed at the NRJ Music Awards. Again, the dress worn that night had garnered a lot of rave reviews. Just like on the set of TF1 last Saturday, where her dress made a lot of talk. Objection therefore returns for you on this apparition judged as angelic by some. Indeed, Amel Bent a all torn!

A role that is particularly close to his heart

Every week, Amel Bent seems to take a lot of happiness to take part in the show of The Voice. Alongside Florent Pagny Vianney and Marc Lavoine, she invests a lot in her mission. Recently, she was also in tears at the end of the blind auditions. The singer admitted to having been very moved both by the performances of the candidates and by the friendship that the other coaches have for her. So when Amel Bent appears every Saturday on the set of TF1, she likes to put on her thirty-one. The artist thus wears always very elaborate toilets and sometimes dares quirky styles.

Her little dress worn last Saturday was a perfect demonstration of this. This little green silk dress brought her real elegance. Thus, the many viewers present that evening seemed to really validate this choice. So where does this outfit come from? In reality, Amel Bent would have unearthed it at the designer Alessandra Rich. A creation adorned with very flashy crystals, but very elegant. A dress that Amel Bent wore in any case wonderfully. Once again, the singer will have done very hard even if it seems to have become a habit for her. Objection therefore returns to some of his former appearances in clothes far from going unnoticed.

Looks always on top

Whether in sweet flashy, or with simple jeans, Amel Bent dares all trends. Recently, it has been seen in sneakers, in studded boots or in dizzying heels. She mixed, during the same week, the appearances with very elegant dresses while the next day, she did not hesitate to appear in jogging. Action Bent recently even went so far as to wear pretty fuchsia pink pants which will also prove to be one of the best trends for next summer. Thus, the mother of the family does not hesitate to dare all the looks that suit her perfectly. A freedom found in her clothing styles perfectly in keeping with the metamorphosis of her silhouette. In short, Amel Bent is sublime.

Obviously, the young woman likes the best and has no problem with it. However, the pieces worn by Amel Bent do not always come from great designers. She thus crosses the creations of couturiers with ready-to-wear clothes that they mix with astonishing ease. A true fashion addict, able to supply herself at the corner store as well as in the most selects from Paris. Action Bent wear what she loves and what makes her happy. An artist who feels good in her body and well in her head. A free woman in her dress style as well as in her everyday life. And obviously, his audience is won over.

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