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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Mathilde is released, Chloe is addicted to social networks. Jules begins to ask himself questions.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday 1is April in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Without news of his son for several hours, Sacha tries to reach him without success. As Mathilde has not returned either, Louise and Sacha go to the police station to report their disappearance. The next morning, they return to the station. While Aurore thinks it is a runaway, Louise imagines the worst and fears their children have been abducted. Captain Jacob then assures us that Ben and Mathilde will end up returning and insists that they trust them.

Meanwhile, Mathilde is scared. Although he does not yet know how, Ben promises his girlfriend that they will manage to get through this. For her part, Louise accuses Ben of having influenced his daughter, which does not please Sacha who stands up for his son. While the tension rises between the two parents, Clémentine invites them to stay united.

Not far from there, Marc and Lucie decide to use the two teenagers as a diversion. Mathilde, who is released, rushes to the police station. There, she claims to have been kidnapped in the street and adds that the couple of fugitives took them to an abandoned hangar. And to specify that Marc and Lucie intend to go to Italy.

Behind the tinted window, however, Captain Jacob finds it difficult to believe Mathilde’s testimony because she has the impression that she is reciting a text. At the end of her testimony, Aurore confronts Mathilde and pushes her to tell the truth. With her back to the wall, the young woman declares that Lucie asked her to lie and that she is hiding with Marc in a nearby church.


At breakfast, Chloe is on social networks which annoys Judith who thinks that she has taken the big head. Later, Chloe meets Xavier for lunch. Insofar as she spends her time on her phone, the prosecutor makes her believe that from a thousand followers, she will have to accept many challenges such as spilling a bucket of ice water on her head. Convinced that Instagram is an essential tool for her business, Chloé sees no problem with it. Subsequently, Xavier confiscates his cell phone so that they can share a moment in complete privacy.

At the same time, Judith joins Camille and Maud. While she would like Camille to give her a makeover during the week, the latter refuses because of all the work she has with Chloe’s Instagram account. Shortly after, the young woman finds Chloe for a photoshoot. The Delcourt girl then takes the opportunity to confide to the teenager that she has the impression of getting drunk Xavier with social networks and that she would like him to be proud of her. According to Camille, he will eventually get used to it and she encourages him to follow through with his project.


In math class, Gabriel is elsewhere and is reprimanded by Olivier. When Jules brilliantly answers their teacher’s question, Gabriel insults him and leaves the class, making derogatory remarks to Olivier at the same time.

Warned by her colleague, Sandrine summons Gabriel and makes him understand that he has crossed the line. Knowing full well that he is going through a difficult period, Sandrine encourages him to go see a shrink but the teenager guarantees to get himself back in hand. Jules wonders about Gabriel’s behavior towards him. In order to change the subject of the conversation, Charlie undresses.

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