Delphine Wespiser victim of the hands on the buttocks of politicians!

Delphine Wespiser victim of the hands on the buttocks of politicians!
Delphine Wespiser victim of the hands on the buttocks of politicians!
Before taking place in Touche Pas À Mon Poste this Wednesday, March 31, Delphine Wespiser answered a few questions from Benjamin Castaldi in the 6 to 7 with Casta. The young woman returned to her year of Miss France, in 2012. Happy to have represented the French for a year, the Alsatian remembered the worse sides of this reign.

“I had very, very insistent fans”, she admitted. “At first they wrote me letters. Then they drew me naked. And then they came to my house. And they asked my parents if they could take me. afraid.”

Another less sympathetic memory: “photo shoots with politicians”. “We are a young Miss, we are going to take pictures with lots of people, lots of politicians. And generally, very often, they throw their hands down”, she continued. It was as time went on that she was able to assert herself and stop letting go. “At the beginning, we didn’t say anything. Then, little by little, I understood. So as soon as it went down, I went up it … It’s very embarrassing”.

Several other Miss France in the same case!

Marine Lorphelin had declared in the interview without filter of TV-Leisure have been “confronted with sexism as Miss France because Miss France is someone who belongs to the French. And really, there are some people who feel it like that. And yes, I had hands to the buttocks by Mayors from certain villages. I had people who jumped on me a bit to give me a kiss. (…) I felt assaulted in my privacy and I felt like an object and not like a woman respected “.

In L’Luxury moment, Vaïmalama Chaves had spoken on this subject. “Sometimes, when you’re Miss, there are hands that start to go down or even a physical contact”, she conceded. “There are some who come, they grab hold of it like that and presto, they take out their phones to take a picture. There are also those who hang at the waist and go down (…) There are some who are daring, and sometimes it goes beyond that, it’s just the toupee, it’s stupidity to see if something would happen or not “.

Maëva Coucke had “already slapped a man” because of a “wandering hand”.

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