Delphine Wespiser victim of inappropriate actions and harassment: “I filed a complaint”

On March 31, 2021, Benjamin Castaldi was in charge of a new issue of 6 to 7 with Casta. And during the show, Delphine Wespiser confided in her past as Miss France.

The life of the 29-year-old young woman changed on December 3, 2011. That day, Delphine Wespiser was elected Miss France 2012 in front of millions of viewers, at the end of a beautiful evening which took place at the Parc des Expositions de Penfeld, in Guilers, near Brest. Like all beauty queens, she then went through the evenings, then the galas. And everything did not always go as planned.

Delphine Wespiser has revealed that on several occasions, politicians have made inappropriate gestures towards her: “Especially during photo shoots with the politicians, when you’re a young Miss, you take pictures with lots of people. And very often the hands go down during the shooting. As soon as that happened, I put them back up. It’s very disturbing.

That’s not all, Delphine Wespiser revealed that some fans were a little too obsessed by she. If at first, they were content to write him letters, things got out of hand then: “They drew me naked and then they came to my house. They asked my parents if they could take me. We complained and we got scared.“Roger’s companion also faced rich men who told her that if she married them, they would give her a dream life. Proposals she naturally declined.

Today, “people don’t do it anymore“, specifies Delphine Wespiser. They undoubtedly preferred to concentrate on other Miss because she is not the only one to have been victims of inappropriate gestures or of harassment. Recently, Vaimalama Chaves revealed that she received naked photos or that some had already had their hands wandering.


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