Dance with the stars soon the return on TF1: the production confirms and announces a date

Dance with the stars soon the return on TF1: the production confirms and announces a date
Dance with the stars soon the return on TF1: the production confirms and announces a date
Already ten seasons of Dance with the stars in the box, and soon an eleventh! While this edition was initially scheduled for fall 2020, the health context had turned everything upside down. Indeed, the crisis linked to Covid-19 requires, no DALS for this time. But to the delight of loyal viewers of the TF1 competition, the production announces the imminent return of Dance with the stars !

In an interview with Average +, Pierre-Marie Gadonneix, the managing director of BBC France which produces DALS, reveals floor on a version of the dance competition adapted to the current health situation. “We’ve been working on it for a year. We are preparing for the return of the program in the second half of 2021, subject to improving sanitary conditions.“, he confides. And to add:”We want the return of DALS or a dance festival, with a human, warm spectacle and physical contact.

A long awaited beautiful news. It must be said that if in France Dance with the stars was canceled, abroad the program resumed under special conditions. “By mutual agreement with TF1, we decided that DALS was not producible under current sanitary conditions. We could very well have set up sanitary bubbles, but it was too complex“, confides Pierre-Marie Gadonneix. And to continue:”Practice barrier gestures in DALS, it’s a little complicated even if it is true that the English and the Americans have proposed versions under Covid conditions which are naturally a little degraded. In Germany, audiences explode with this version. Besides the curfew effect, finding a program with bodily contact feels good.

Dance with the stars returns without its star Patrick Dupond

It will therefore be necessary to wait, as he announced, the second half of 2021 to find Dance with the stars. The casting of this next edition may not be complete, but one thing is almost certain: the flagship dancers of the program will come back! Fauve Hautot, Inès Vandamme, Anthony Colette, Denitsa Ikonomova, Christophe Licata, Maxime Dereymez, Candice Pascal, Christian Millette and Katrina Patchett are expected! Emmanuelle Berne, currently pregnant with her first child, could also come back.

On the jury side, Patrick Dupond will not be in the game. As a reminder, the star dancer died on March 5, 2021 following a “lightning diseaseThe next season of Dancing with the Stars will normally be without Chris Marques, who left the show for France 2.

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