Hillary (Moms and Famous) in the hospital for her son, she gives news

Hillary went to the hospital to treat her son Milo and gave the news in her Instagram story.

Hillary of Moms and famous in the cast of Angels 13? She answered clearly. The reality TV candidate has founded a beautiful family that she likes to show on social networks or in the TFX show. With his companion Giovanni Bonamy and his son Milo, they have also made the choice to live part of the year in Dubai. And if life there is peaceful, there are sometimes some worries that disrupt everyday life, such as when the little boy falls ill. Unfortunately, that’s what happened on March 31, 2021 … Concerned about the health of her baby, the mom then went to the hospital and gave the news in her Instagram story.

At first, as you can see in the video above, the young woman said: “We’re heading for the hospital because Milo has a fever, so it’s hot … We’re going to go see what’s going on. He has a runny nose, he’s coughing, he is pooping liquid so we will check all that “. But after passing a few exams the verdict is in and all is well! Once back home, Hillary wanted to reassure everyone: “I think in fact Milo got hot maybe when we were in the desert two days ago or maybe the air conditioning hot / cold. Anyway he’s in a bad state but we have all the drugs “. Finally, she concluded by writing: “More fear than harm”… In the rest of the news, Rym from Moms and Famous has confided in his physical transformation while revealing the result.

Credit: Instagram @hillaryoff


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